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In this assignment I have to the planning and implementation issues a business will need to consider in order to go online four businesses have been chosen and used as examples

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In this assignment I have to the planning and implementation issues a business will need to consider in order to go online four businesses have been chosen and used as examples these are: * A hire car business * A recruitment agency * A producer of luxury chocolates * A retailer of special climbing equipment * A family hotel In any situation the main points a company needs to think about could include such points as: * Who is my target audience? * What information do I include? * What type of website do I need? * What resources do I need? * How do I choose and register a domain name? * Do I need specialist help and how much will it cost? Hire Car Business When thinking of such a business like this it needs to be able to compete with other major car hire companies and the main way to this is using the internet and other advertisement methods. For a company like this the target audience would be of adults. ...read more.


It is then leased to the owner for a specified period, after which time the owner can choose to renew it or not. At first with a company you will need help to set it up and keep an eye on the website this many cost a lot but it could be very useful and there is a high chance you could make a profit. A Recruitment Agency A business such as this is not a well known company but neither a small business but using such services as the internet could make it big and well known. The main target audience for a recruitment agency would be adults as they are likely to use it more than the young people. When creating a website for a company like this you the main information you will need to include is the jobs which are available and the qualifications needed to qualify for that position, contact numbers so that it is able for you to contact for advice on your employment situation and finally to submit personal information to apply for a job vacancy. ...read more.


Another thing to consider with this company is when a customer has ordered a product and how long it would take so on the website you could include a order tracker to see the date in which the product will arrive. Also it is very key to not make a mistake because in some cases it could affect your business a lot such as putting the price wrong at a lower price or even higher this could ruin your reputation with the customer. Retailer of Climbing Equipment This type of business only ever works at a small scale because this type of business is not seen very often but is still useful to those type of outdoor people and this is also the target audience. When creating a site such as this the information that you are likely to include is the range of products for different climates and places, the range of sizes and fittings and also safety if the person buying the equipment is still a beginner. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kulvinder Mahal Mr. Chauhan Unit 8 Business Online P1 ...read more.

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