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In this assignment I'll be explaining how the government supports the development of e-business, secondly I'll be producing a personal development plan to help an individual to prepare for an increased use of e-business.

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Introduction In this assignment I'll be explaining how the government supports the development of e-business, secondly I'll be producing a personal development plan to help an individual to prepare for an increased use of e-business. The government supports E-business in many ways in order to help them to be developed and run efficiently therefore it's good for the business and also good for the economy as the whole process is going good. However the government plays a huge role in order to carry out and ensure that the e-businesses are doing good, and this is by implementing legal legislations, initial considerations about setting up a website, the infrastructure support, support for training and courses, security and last but not least data protection. The government plays a huge role by implementing these factors into the e-business and this is how e-businesses do well and become successful such as Amazon and eBay. The first factor that I'll be talking about is 'legal framework/legislations in which online business operate' and I'll go through all the legal laws and how that helps supports the e-business. The first legislation act that I'll go through is Legislation framework - E commerce regulation - 2002. This act has helped both the customers and the e-business because now businesses provide full information about their organization products, order and many other factors which now avoids trouble with the law, and it's also beneficial for the customers as they're informed about the product and the business. ...read more.


Another support from the government is that they will help more than 7,000 online businesses to export their products overseas to other countries outside of the United Kingdom. The UK government offers free training and advice for businesses that are considering adopting a strategy of e-commerce. The government site will be (www.businesslink.gov.uk) and this gives advice on training, grants and support schemes. The national government department for Business, Innovation and Skills has the following purpose: 'We want to make sure that Britain is the best place in the world to run an innovative business or service - this is critical to the UK's future prosperity. I'd like to conclude that the government in Wales are trying to help businesses in the Wales region to become more profitable with their welsh government e-business team, and they aim to help the businesses by reducing business costs, become more innovative, develop and grow. Furthermore they are also helping the businesses in Wales with their ICT, some of the examples which the government has helped the business to adopt some technology are customer relationship management systems, financial management packages, stock control systems and many more. Furthermore you can apply for an e-business grant from the Welsh government if you want to open up an e-business in Wales and grant usually gets the business in between £1-10,000, however there are some requirements which the business need to pass and they are, ...read more.


- I can motivate other people to step up a level by inspiring them with words. - It can help me to communicate with other people because I?m friendly. - It can help me to interact with new people by communicating with them. - The activities that I could do are to talk to other people, and interact with them. - I could ask people for advices to build up my confidence to talk to people. - I could learn the way of communicating to other people by knowing By December 31st 2015. 5. Research skills -Gathering information -Examining the validity of the information -Reading around a subject - I can research information and examine the strength and weaknesses of the source. - It can help me to research the subject that I?d like to do in university -I can practice gathering information by reading sources and nothing down vital information and cut out the bias information By December 31st 2015. 6. Organization skills -Time management -Best use of resources -Meeting deadlines - I can organize and plan before working - I can manage time to complete my work - It will help me to meet my deadlines by working at a faster pace. - I can practice working at a faster rate and this can help me get adjust to the system of working much faster and giving the work before the deadline. By December 31st 2015. ...read more.

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