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In this assignment I shall compare two businesses - The two businesses I've decided to compare are Asda and New Driver.

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Unit 1: Investigating Business A t a l e o f t w o b u s i n e s s e s & Contents Assignment Section A Differences Activity Location Location Factors Ownership Aims & Objectives Improvements Section B Functional Areas FA1 FA2 FA3 How effectively they work Section C Communication Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 How effective they are Section D External Factors The End Page 15 Pages 16, 17 & 18 Page 18 Assignment In this assignment I shall compare two businesses. The two businesses I've decided to compare are Asda and New Driver. They are very different, but are also similar in some ways. Both are in the retail section of the tertiary sector of the economy. They're both located in Bournemouth, Asda is at St. Pauls and New Driver at Moor Road. It's not surprising that these businesses have been chosen because they represent different and contrasting aspects of the growth areas of Bournemouth. Most people in Bournemouth work with the tertiary sector, and a large population requires many retail outlets to provide for them. Page 1 Differences Page 2 Activity Both of these businesses are in the sector of tertiary but they are not both shops. Asda is a shop whereas New Driver offers a Service. ...read more.


Asda has limited liability, which is having responsibility for debts limited to the amount invested. New Driver has unlimited liability which is being responsible for an unlimited amount of business debt. The ownership matches the size of the business. Page 6 Aims & Objectives Asda expresses its aims and objectives as a mission statement, a purpose statement and a list of values. The mission and purpose are aims that they think are important. Asda said: Our mission is: "To be Britains best value fresh food and clothing superstore" Our purpose is: "Satisfying the weekly shopping needs of ordinary working people and their families who demand value" In order to achieve our mission in our everyday work we have an established set of Asda values. The Asda Values: * We are all colleagues one team * What we sell is better value * Selling is our universal responsibility * Through selling we make our service legendary * We hate waste of any kind * We each need to improve the business everyday in every way Asda make their Aims & objectives very clear, and detailed. However New Driver said, "they would like to become the most popular driving school in Dorset" Page 7 Improvements In order to improve the business, and to help the business gain its aims & objectives I would suggest that: Asda needs to work on staff improvements because they are not very friendly with their staff and some of their employees aren't skilled enough for the job. ...read more.


* LIFESTYLE - How do customers see themselves? * WHERE PEOPLE LIVE - People in different parts of the country behave in different ways. Economic conditions * INTEREST RATES - When it is expensive to borrow money, people will not spend. When it is cheap to borrow money they will use their plastic. * PRICES - Every business requires supplies. If the cost of the supplies goes up the businesses may need to put up its own prices as well. * EXCHANGE RATES - This is how much one currency can be exchanged for another. Page 16 Environmental constraints * AIR POLLUTION * WATER POLLUTIOIN * NOISE POLLUTION * WASTEFULL USE OF RESOURCES (All of these things can affect decisions that a businessman has to make) Changes that may happen All have to change to keep up with the changes in lifestyle. Asda carrys out surveys on various people to know what people want and what to buy and sell. A driving agency doesn't have as many fashions and trends that it needs to follow. Economic * Asda needs to know how much people will spend and what the economic condition is like. * Interest rates * Credit or debit cards Environmental New Driver had some bad impact on business when some newer driving schools started up in the area of Bournemouth. Asda was faced with the Castle Lane redevelopment, they changed and modernised. Page 17 Future Changes * Economic * Shopping habbits/Environment That concludes my project on the differences of Asda & New Driver DamiG Page 18 ...read more.

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