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In this assignment I will be explaining how Carphone Warehouse meets their customer needs and expectations via effiecent customer service.

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P3-" Outline how focusing on the customer by providing good customer service is essention to retailing" In this assignment I will be explaining how Carphone Warehouse meets their customer needs and expectations via effiecent customer service. Introduction Carphone warehouse aims At The Carphone Warehouse everything they do is based 'five fundamental rules'. The rules are applied not just in stores, but in call centre's and support functions too so they ensure that they provide the best possible customer experience. There five fundamental rules are: 1. If Carphone ware house don't look after the customer then they believe that someone else will. 2. Nothing is gained by winning an argument but losing a customer. 3. They always deliver what they promise. ...read more.


A focus group can be made when different managers in different departments meet up to talk about customer issues such as what they want and need. From customers coming into the shop complaining about the phone saying those speakers not working so they can improve on the products. Before sales services Before the Carphone warehouse make a sale, they will need to maintain a good relationship with the customer by offering promotional offers such as free top up with purchase of a phone. Customers will be attracted to the business if there are products on display so customers can see them before buying. This is done by asking helping when they enter the shop, by asking them if they need help and if customer agrees then they should show them a specific phone and define the cheaper offers. ...read more.


The most important thing is that insurance will be given only if they agree. After sales services Not all sales are successful which mean that when problem do occur the business needs to turn the problem by solving it as soon as possible. If the phone not good then they can get a refund, exchange for another phone or provide more information on the website and the store itself. If customer has bought a phone on contract and their contract is nearly finished then they can get an upgrade on a new phone and if not then can ask for a top-up. When a purchase is made the sales person can call after the sale to ask if everything is okay and ask for insurance or more additional sales if they didn't ask during the sales. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jamila Abdulhusein Unit 41 P3 ...read more.

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