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In this assignment I will describe how the different skills that are needed by employees to do the jobs in the organisation are identified. I will use Toyota as an example.

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P2 In this assignment I will describe how the different skills that are needed by employees to do the jobs in the organisation are identified I am continuing with the organisation I have chosen for my first assignment Toyota. Employee skills Employee skills are very important because the skills and talents affect the way an organisation runs and also is a benefit for Toyota. The Human resource department have to find the right candidate with the desirable skills that the organisation needs. Human Resources at Toyota maybe looking for a candidate with mechanical skills, designing skills and etc. People as organisational resources People within an organisation are a big factor, but humans should be treated as a resource but in order to do this they must consider humans feelings and emotions so they must be approached and dealt with carefully. ...read more.


Skills acquisition Big organisations like Toyota it is very important for them to acquire new skills for both employer and employee. New skills need to be acquired because Toyota will need new employees to replace the employees that have retired, sacked, sick leave and maternity leave. Toyota has a database of all their employees so that they know when to start training new employees. Skills audit Skills audit is a method that an organisation needs for the future. The employers will assess the employees to check what skills they already have and if their skills match the organisation's needs and any other skills that can help in any future objectives. Toyota will carry out a skills audit to work out the skills level of their employees they will analyse how many engineers have training and how many are fully qualified. ...read more.


Toyota makes sure that they give the best possible treatment to their employees with high skills transferability. Engineers and mechanics in Toyota can easily leave and find work in other jobs where they deal with engineering or even another car company so they do their best to keep these employees. Impact of technology It is very important that employees gain new skills so they can take advantage of technology. If an organisation wishes their employees to be more productive they need to train them to learn how to use new equipments and computers. It is important for employees in Toyota to learn to use new equipment as they are a capital-intensive organisation they will come across a lot of technology which is used to produce goods and services. Toyota will need to retrain employees whenever new equipment is brought in so they can produce maximum productivity. ?? ?? ?? ?? Monsur AhmedUnit 16Romanus ...read more.

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