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In this coursework I have decided to open a new business. The type of business I have chosen to set up is a retail shop selling Islamic books and cassettes.

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Introduction For this coursework assignment, I was asked In this coursework I have decided to open a new business. The type of business I have chosen to set up is a retail shop selling Islamic books and cassettes. The shop will be called "Abu Bakr bookstore" and will be situated in the high street, of Burnley. The aim of the business is to provide Islamic books and Islamic goods to its customers at affordable prices. Business idea I am going to set up an Islamic bookstore. I considered a travel agent, restaurant, and car dealer or a mobile phone shop. After considering these choices I have decided to choose this type of business because we have not got an Islamic bookstore in our town, and it will be a successful business to open in Burnley or Blackburn because there are a lot of Muslims living in the area. ...read more.


My shop will be located in Brougham Street, Burnley because it is a main road and there is a good access to it. There are groceries shops, clothes shops, mini market, barbers there but no bookshop. There is a car park near by. There are a lot of Muslims in the area and in the neighbouring locality. Competition Competitions in my field are other people with the similar company that will compete with the people in the locality that my company is based. Competition has good and bad points, the good points is that I will be constantly looking for ways to improve my business in ways to attract customers, and to improve on other companies and attain an edge in the market. The bad point of competition is that if a company betters my prices or stock higher quality goods I will lose custom and profit. ...read more.


Islamic book Research Of Competitors The things I need to find out about the competitors is that: * What there prices of their product is, * The sort of marketing they are doing. * The way they are promoting their products. * When do they change their prices? * How they advertise their products. * How do they sell their products? * Have they got an Internet shopping access? * What type of business are they? * Their office layout * Their location. * Their strengths and weaknesses. * Their target groups. Abubakr Islamic bookstore Name of company: Abubakr Islamic bookstore. Type of trader: The Abubakr bookstore is a sole trader Strengths: The Abubakr Bookstore has it's own warehouse, there is a car park near by. The Abubakr bookstore has been decorated and modified recently. The shop is famous for its prices. GCSE Business Studies setting up a Islamic book store ...read more.

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