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In this investigation I'm going to be studing Cosignia - The Post office.

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Introduction:in this investigation I'm going to be studing Cosignia which is a public limited company (Plc) and Choice Fm which is a Private Limited Company (Ltd). They both belong in the Private Ownership. There are two types of Ownership. Private Ownership and Public Ownership. Private Ownership Most organisations in the UK are privately owned. This means they are owned by the individuals rather than the state or government. There are four main type of privately owned organisation; 1. Sole traders-the smallest type of business activities. 2. Partnerships-where two or more people jointly own the business. 3. Private limited companies-the smallest type of built-in activities. 4. Public limited companies-the largest type of privately owned business. In addition there are two other types which are rather less common: 5. Franchises- where a large organisation allows an enterprenteur to sell their goods and use their name, for a fee and a share of their profits. 6. Cooperatives-where a group of people as a group operate a business and share the incomes or looses. Public Ownership The pulic sector in Britain relates to all the institutions and organisations which are owned and run by the state There are three main industrial sectors * The Primary Sector-includes businesses that provide raw goods,e.g. ...read more.


Cosignia are building a built-in, global distribution company to meet the needs of business in the UK and around the world. That means responding quickly and effectively to new ways of working, new technologies and new trade demands. . Our goal is to reduce your costs and improve our performance. Consignia design supplies chain solutions for companies that need know-how and proven resources at any or all stages in the supply chain. Activities: Through our trusted brands, Consignia reaches everybody every working day through mail, parcels and express services and Post Office branches. Today, our marketplace is shifting rapidly and we are providing hundreds of services to met new demands-from electronic billing to banking, from Warehousing to customer returns. We use our experience and imagination to create original solutions that balance your existing assets, capabilities and business partners. Customer management, facilities management, Warehousing, web or Intranet based secure tracking and modern distribution solutions are our key strengths. Examples of custom-made services include: * Warehousing solution * Adapt made distribution networks * An included branch network logistics solution * Mail logistics * Distribution of parts to field engineers. Warehousing and distribution. In Swedon, ther is a tehnological-smart warehhouse covering 100,000 square metres.To meet demand, we now operate a three shift, 21 hour a day operation, six days a week, with 24 hour a day processing. ...read more.


We also provide national and international news that is communicated every hour at peak times Monday to Friday and is followed by local news collected by the Choice Fm news team. For charitable events and non-profit making organisations, we provide a daily community billboard service broadcast once every programme. News department: The News Department is headed byNews Editor Pam Joseph, who is joined by Beressford Mack and Andre Morgan. Bulletins are broadcast eight times a day, from 7am until 6pm, fives days a week. News item range from UK black-related stories, as well as from Africa, the Caribbean and the African-America also, London-wide issues, which can affect the black community, including education, health, transport, and the environment. Choice Fm News leads the way in breaking home and international stories, such as the legal battle between the Lawrence family and the Metropolitan Police, and the successful donor-match for long-suffering Leukaemia sufferer Daniel Degale International stories includes the volcanic eruption in the Caribbean island of Montserrat, the sudden death of Reggae legend Dennis Emanuel Brown and the violent clashes between Muslims and Christians over the introduction of Sharia law. The News Department plays a major role in raising the profile and highliting particular campaigns within the black community- The Sickle Cell Society, the African/ Caribbean Leukaemia Trust, the Michelle Smith Campaign and the Brixton Bomb Appeal. ...read more.

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