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In this part of my coursework I am helping a local corner shop in Harlesden to solve its information technology problem as they are struggling to work manually with all there float (foods and drinks record.)

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Description of Problem. In this part of my coursework I am helping a local corner shop in Harlesden to solve its information technology problem as they are struggling to work manually with all there float (foods and drinks record.) My aim is improve their problem by introducing information technology to make it more accessible and easier for them to use. At the moment in the shop there they are using a manual system, but if there is a new information technology system it will make life easier for them. There are many disadvantages of using the manual system. One of the advantages of a manual system is that it is cheap. However, though there is much more disadvantages of having a manual system in your business. The disadvantages of a manual system are: - > It wastes time. > The accounting part of the system may be wrong. > The user may miss out things that are costly to them. > May not be filed out appropriately. Like every problem there is always a solution and I think this problems solution is that I should create a database so when they are counting the amount of either daily, weekly and monthly income of their shop, it will make it more simple and flexible for them to check other than doing the whole process again and again as it will be saved on the database. As this is a corner shop they have many deliveries like dairy products, frozen foods, drinks and many other items. So instead of them using manual work it is much easier to store how much comes in and how much is sold. As it will all be saved on the database so it will be easier to check how much float has come into their shop? Due to this computerized system their will be many advantages and much more accessible to use. ...read more.


Have you used a computer and database before? Yes 6 No 0 4. Would you want me to teach you everything to know about my databases? Yes 6 No 0 5. Do you find it difficult using the manual system right now? Yes 1 No 5 Analysis of Managers Interview When I last spoke to the manager of the corner shop the details and information I collected were that he has been working at the shop for just over a year. The manual system in use right now is very tiring and takes very long for him to store and find information needed. He is into having a computer and would find it easier if he had a computer but he is worried about the price difficulties as the price is defiantly going to be high, but I have explained to him that it will be better and will save money in the future so the cost of these computers wont effect him as much. He asked me if I could train his staff members. In which I said "I will teach them the basics of my system as well as him" and he was pleased to hear that. I asked him what he would he like to store on my database, and all he wanted was the basics in which he could store information such as food products, drinks, price listings and things like that. This is an easy package for me to supply to him and it will be very simple for them to use. He has agreed on the computer system and is looking forward to them. I am happy with the information I received from the manager and I am looking forward to supplying him with my system and databases. Evaluation of graphs Customers Question 3 It told me that, 6 customers compared to the 4 want the shop to do something about the waiting time for them to purchase the items. ...read more.


> Spreadsheet- this programme allowed me perform tables, calculations on cells or groups of cells and display financial information in rows and columns. > Databases- this programme enabled me to produce my two databases, it gave me access to a structured set of records using various keys and contain facilities to sort data into different orders. The types of software I have used are ROM (Read Only Memory) and RAM (Random Access Memory). ROM is the information on the computer that cannot be altered. It can read from or written to, an example is the function of computer programmes. RAM is the information or data that can be changed. It can read from but not written to, an example is a document or file. I used Windows XP as my operating system and I used three main programmes, Microsoft Word, Access and Excel. Microsoft Word- is a programme for producing and editing text, it allowed me to write out all my documents. I used this software a lot as it was very vital to me as for one reason It had a particularly function called spell check. This enabled me to check all spelling errors I made on my document. This made work easier and efficient as every time I would make a mistake it would be underline in red. Also all the grammatical errors would automatically show up on the monitor. Functions such as bold, italic, underline adjusting the font, are given on word. This is very vital as this makes the document look more suitable and professional. I was able to change the way the text is displayed, for example, in the middle, left hand side or right hand side of the page. This software is very simple and was necessary for me to use. Microsoft Excel-is a spreadsheet programme, which displays information in the form of a table. In which this programme is very similar to a database, but with a major difference. The Swaminarayan School Parin Sheth I.T Coursework ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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