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In this piece of coursework I am going to describe the different stakeholders for McDonald's and what they do, their roles in the business

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Stakeholders Stakeholders: The individuals and groups of people who have an interest in how the business is run. They are said to have a stake in the business. An example of this is the stakeholders for a school. These would be the Head teacher, assistant head teacher, deputy head, head of year, assistant head of year, subject teachers, senior teachers, cleaners, canteen teachers, cooks, mentors, heads of department, caretakers and nurses. Main Interest or influence of each stakeholder; * There are many different examples of stakeholders and what they are interested in. * Each stakeholder is interested in the business for a different reason. For example one stakeholder would be the customers. This example of stakeholder would have an interest in the business because they would want to buy the products the business is selling. They also would want more value for their money and the goods the business is selling should be meeting their expectations. * Another stakeholder would be the employee. The employee would be interested in the business because they would want the business to succeed and make more money than other businesses around the community. This is because if the business does badly and ends up closing down many employees would be out of a job leaving them unemployed and they wouldn't be making money. An employee would want the business to succeed and be successful because they would want to earn good wages. * A manager is another stakeholder. Their interest in the business would be that it runs successfully so they can earn higher bonuses. * Another type of stakeholder would be the suppliers. A supplier is individuals , group or originations that sells their goods or services to other business to make money. A supplier keeps an interest in the business so that they know how the sales of their goods are doing in the business. ...read more.


Without customers the business would be unsuccessful and soon will lose a lot of money, contacts, reputation and jobs and soon will have to close down. The customers give the company more business and a better reputation. Customer Service Introduction: * By achieving the understanding of customer service I am going to gain a enhanced understanding of what customer service is and how it benefits the business. It would also allow me to know why it is important to the business and how it can be measured and improved. By gaining this knowledge of customer service I will be able to relate this to the different circumstances that occur within the business and how it links to customer service. What is Customer Service? * Customer service is an individual segment of the business that helps to ensure that the consumers needs are met and that they are satisfied with the service that the business provides. Customer service contains many different aspects such as ; Pre- sales service and After- sales service. Both these aspects are seen to be apart of Customer Service because they help persuade the consumers thoughts about the business. Customer Service also ensures that the consumers needs are met and guarantees them happiness within the service of the business. A business's main interest is that the effort they put into their customer service satisfies the consumer and keeps the consumers pleased. Customer Services also ensures that it is kept at a high reputation so that the business gains more consumers keeping it at a successful stage and earning a higher profit. Why is customer service important? * Customer service is highly essential to a business, if this would lack in the business their would be a large increase in the loss of customers. Customers are a important stakeholder to the business because the business firstly and foremost relies on them for their business to succeed. ...read more.


McDonalds also values their previous customers therefore ensures they are satisfied with what the company has to offer. * McDonalds has both Internal and External customers. Both types of customers are important for the business, therefore McDonalds provides customer service to both. The above have been examples of what McDonalds offer to external customers. * The following shows an example of what kind of customer services McDonalds has to offer to Internal customers. ==> The production department requires health and safety training for some new employees, this will be provided by the training department. In this situation, the production department is an internal customer because it is using the services of the training department. The table below recapitulates the customer services provided by McDonalds. Methods of Customer Services What method McDonald uses Finding out and meeting customer needs Consumer research questionnaires. Customer comment cards that customers can fill out on the day. Focus groups where they test out new products. Providing credit facilities Signs behind the counter with a list of prices and product ranges. Having good communication skills All staff are trained to give the same opening and closing lines e.g." hello how are you" " may I help you" How can McDonalds Improve their Customer Services? * Although statistics have shown that McDonalds is a world wide fast food company and has a high superiority for their customer services, McDonalds receives complaints regarding the unhealthy foods that have made regular customer gain twice as much weight, insulting to animals and nature, waiting lines and exploiting young children. McDonalds has several ways to ensure all customer service complaints are dealt with. * McDonalds has already improved their menus by adding a healthier choice such as salads. From news articles and complaints about their unhealthy meals, McDonalds considered to make a healthier menu to those who have experienced problems with their meals in the past. This has bought their previous customers back to company. McDonalds can also use more healthy ingredients to ensure their customers are satisfied with what they are making their meals with. * ...read more.

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