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In this piece of coursework I will show a company's aims and objectives. I choose 'TOPSHOP' I will also tell you what they sell and what sector their in and their. A)What does the company do?Topshop is a clothing shop in the UK

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Setting the Scene In this piece of coursework I will show a company's aims and objectives. I choose 'TOPSHOP' I will also tell you what they sell and what sector their in and their. A)What does the company do? Topshop is a clothing shop in the UK. Its fashionable clothes and accessories for men and women. The Topshop stores selling men's clothes are branded Topman. Topshop is owned by the Arcadia Group. The company's target audience is young fashion-conscious girls on a budget. The company has stores all over the UK and Ireland, with its main store located in Oxford Street, London. It was founded as an independent store in 1989 by Marie Rooney, as an outlet for girls who enjoyed changing their clothes on a regular basis, and soon became one of the most biggest retail shop in the UK Topshop owns the world's largest fashion store at London's Oxford Circus. ...read more.


Topshop is in the public sector and the tertairy sector. The business has 13% of the market share and have 290 shops in the UK they are also opening shops in France and New York which will be open at the end of 2006. Topshop has just over 25 000 employees, but Topshop doesn't have different size shops. All the shops are located in the city centre. TOPSHOP is a global business. As every other business it has competition e.g. Rivers Island, Marks and Spencer and Moschino but Topshop's clothes are cheaper then some high street fashion store thats why Topshop had a profit of 3.3. billion last year. (oct 2005) C)What are the aims and objectives of Topshop? ...read more.


The main business activities of the business Human recourse- Are staff, are the employees that work Topshop believe that they have the best staff and that they are trained for the job that they have got.'I feel that I am justified to say that we have by far the most experienced staff e.g. managers, checkout staff , Our employees are very capable of turning round our fortunes'. Sales- Their sales are going up especially as they attract over 180.000 customer each week and their sales of last year 2005 were so high that the company got a profit of 3.3 billion. Marketing- the marketing group are also part of the staff they ensure that Topshop is know, seen, and heard about by future customers. If Topshop didn't have a marketing group people would only see it and hearing a bout a brand makes the brand well kown and ...read more.

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