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In this section, it is required to establish and develop the resources of my business. In human resources, recruiting of employees is important in every business.

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Task B In this section, it is required to establish and develop the resources of my business. In human resources, recruiting of employees is important in every business. One person can't run the entire business, so I need a set of staff to help me in running the restaurant. Having a business of food is not easy, because the safety of the staff and customers are the main concerns of this business. If the business is not safe and don't have any rights and laws to protect them, no one will attempt to apply and this can cause the failure of the business. Treating the members of the staff in a good way is really important. For the physical resources, I need to have equipments and materials that has good quality. If the machineries and equipments are in good quality, it will give the business good productions and results. These equipments and materials will help me to make the productions better and easier. Kitchen equipments nowadays are really expensive, so choosing the right quality of the equipments is important. When it comes to financial terms, taking care and using the money in a right way is the key for the success and expansion of the business. If the owner of a business doesn't know how to use the money of the business, they might not gain their profit and cause the failure of the business. Being the owner of my business, it is my responsibility to take good care of the money that is coming in my business. I need to budget the money and control the expenditures of my business as much as possible. ...read more.


I can monitor staff performance by doing the following: * Regular staff meetings. * Formal procedures such as appraisals. * Informal meetings where employees can provide open and honest feedback. * Giving them a performance sheet with my evaluation about their performance and behaviour. Total Quality Management In my business, I can guarantee the quality of our food and services for the good of our customers. We want to have a good name in the market when it comes to quality to gain the trust of people. If that happens, there is a huge chance of expanding the business and reach the target sales on the time we expected. People nowadays expect quality food and services from all restaurant and food businesses. All the food that we will be serving are healthy and those people who are vegetarians can enjoy our veggie meals in low prices. The surrounding of the restaurant is very clean and presentable not only in our eyes, but most importantly to the customers. With this kind of environment, the quality of our food and services will always be on a high level. As the owner of the restaurant, it is my responsibility to ask the customers and staff about their evaluation and feedback about our food and services. Not only are people buying a meal in my restaurant, but they also paying for a certain level of service. Quality service is typically that which is prompt and courteous. That is what customers expect. I am willing to train my staff to improve their skills and to develop their mental and physical characteristics. ...read more.


Alcohol License - the restaurant's alcohol license is an "On-Sale License". On-Sale licenses are for businesses such as bars and restaurants that sell alcohol for consumption on the premises. Tax and National Insurance Contributions - for my employees, I am the one responsible for deducting income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) from their wages, and must also pay the employer's share of the NICs. Financial Resources This section is the application of a set of techniques that my business will use to manage the financial affairs, income and expenditures. It will mange the money coming in and out, for example paying bills, paying the wages, keeping the books. The bank might aggregate the activities of the restaurant, so it is good to choose the right bank for any business. Start up Costs - the equipments and fixtures and fittings will cost me �68650 and �500 for promotion. �800 for stocks on the first month and �50 for stationeries. Running Costs (Fixed and Variable) These figures are the running costs of my business. Below are the lists of my estimated figures: Variable Costs * Wages/Salaries - �10,000 to 10,642 per month * Electricity Bills - �800 * Telephone bills - �16.11 * Stocks - �800 * Advertisement - �200 * Stationeries - �50 * Water - �10 * Gas - �800 Fixed Costs * Insurance - �700 * Monthly Rent - �700 * Loan Repayments - �971.49 * Rates - �700 Records Capital - �70,000 * Equipments - �53,650 * Fixtures and Fittings - �15,000 * Promotion - �500 * Stocks (for the first month) - �800 * Stationeries - �50 Total - �70,000 ?? ?? ?? ?? Daryl Llanes Business Examination Unit 8 ...read more.

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