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In this task I am going to define a manager, supervisor and an employee for a school, I am also going to show their roles in the business and what qualifications they need and what decisions they need to make.

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Roles and Responsibilities and the training and development Introduction In this task I am going to define a manager, supervisor and an employee for a school, I am also going to show their roles in the business and what qualifications they need and what decisions they need to make. Managers (Head of department) The managers are the staffs who handle all the finance they calculate the revenue every year and find ways to improve them. They also organize the business by setting regulations such as working times, holidays and making sure that the right amount of staff is assigned for a certain task. They set aims and objectives for the business so that the business can grow by making more profit. They also set tasks for the employees. In a big business managers are not able to handle every single employee so they give their tasks to the supervisors so they can handle the employees this makes it easier for them to work and also get the work done more quickly and efficiently. Managers also set deadlines for each staff member this is to make sure that the work is done on time and also to encourage the staff to get their work done. In a school the manager is the head of department and in their job role they have duties such as making sure that the work is done on time making sure that the everything in the department is working properly because the manager has to handle everything in that department and if a problem occurs and is not solved that the manager can get into trouble and the business will also have problems. The head also needs to make sure that the funds that they school is getting are used accurately meaning that they are not wasted this is because if they are than later when the business needs them they won't be available, the head of department will have to monitor every staff member to be able to ...read more.


* Team leading skills: Give out the right information to the right teacher and admin and be able treat them fairly. * Time management skills: the head of department will need to be organized with their time because they hold a very important role of the business they need to make sure that they arrive on time each working day. Supervisors (Teachers) * Team leading skills: Be able to work in groups and able to lead their groups and lead their class. * Communication skills: Able to communicate to a large number of students. * Time management skills: they need to be organized with their timing because it can affect the student's progress if they are late. Employees (Admin) * Time Management skills: admin need to arrive on time each working day otherwise they might miss on something and might not be able to meet their deadlines. * Team work: Because the admin will be dealing with more than one teacher at a time the employees have to work in groups so they should be able to share information to each other and able to help them. * IT skills: If an admin is dealing with something on the computer they will need to have IT skills so they know how to work on a computer. * Communication skills: admin should be able to communicate to their assigned head of department so they can share information etc. How much decision - making and problem solving they have in their role. Managers (Head of department) In a school the head of department has to make decisions such as finding ways to improve the students learning taking students opinions under consideration, making sure that they find the work place suitable, organizing lunch and afternoon classes to help students with their progress. They decide whether to exclude a student if he/she isn't doing any work, or has bad manners. ...read more.


For example if a teacher is having difficulties with Business than s/he can take lessons outside the school to learn more skills on teaching that lesson. Off the job training for the Admin Admin might need help with working more accurately and on time and so going on a training course will help them with the work they are doing, so when they come back they will know more about how to deal with the problems when they arise and also work properly to meet deadlines set by the head of the department. On the Job Training This is when and trainer comes to the business to train a the head of department, teachers and the admin. On the job training for Head of department The head of department might need help with using a computer software to track students progress and so rather than going outside the school to learn s/he can use a tutorials or a trainer inside the school to help them, they may also learn from another head of department and gain skills from that. This is useful because they can still work while getting help from the trainer so he/she is still useful to the business. On the job training for Teachers The teachers might need help with using the interactive whiteboard and so another teacher can teach him/her on how to use it and s/he won't have to waste time training outside the school. This is also useful because the school won't have to spend too much money on training because they can tell other teachers to help each other. On the job training for Admin An admin might be finding hard dealing with a new photocopier and so other members of the school can teach him/her on how to use it. This will be useful because if they will also be using the same photocopier as the admin and this means it will help them more accurately. ?? ?? ?? ?? L6HPP Unit 2 AO1 Task A 0/0/0000 0:00:00 AM ...read more.

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