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Information and Communication Technology

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GO4IT Sports Case Study Task1 * Describe the main functions of GO4IT Sports Go4It Sports is an independent company that owns a small chain of sports shop. The company also has a warehouse which supplies goods to the shops as well as to sports teams by mail order. Go4It Sports sell a wide range of sports goods in their shops. These are shown below:- * Clothing, footwear and equipment for sports such as football, tennis, rugby, athletics and golf. * They also sell exercise equipment such as rowing machines, exercise bicycles and trampolines. (Go4It do no keep the larger items in stock but they order them direct from the supplier as required) Go4It Sports also specialise in supplying certain items such as:- * Match strips, to order, in team colours for different sports. (These can be embroidered with the team logo) * Other team merchandise such as baseball caps, training kit, fleeces and knitted hats are also supplied in team colours with the team logo. (These goods are supplied only through a mail order service which the company advertises in specialist sports magazines) * Clothing in a range of standard colours is shown in a brochure and Go4It Sports keep the items in stock at their warehouse. (If a team requires a non-standard colour strip this can be made to order by an external supplier) Go4It Sports also sell sports trophies and engrave them too if required. The engraving is carried out by an external contractor. Go4It Sports also supplies clothing in bulk to schools at discount and the goods are directly supplied from the warehouse on a sale or return basis. * Identify the different types of customer Sports teams Public Schools * Describe the functions of each section within the shops and Head Office, paying particular attention to Administration in shops and Human Resources in Head Office Functions in shops: Sales When customers come to Go4It Sports shops the clothing, footwear and specialist equipment sales staff is available to help them choose the appropriate items to meet their requirements. ...read more.


There is a barcode on each product. The barcode on the product is scanned using a barcode scanner. This brings p the information of the product scanned. If the customer wants to use their card to pay then the information of the card would have to be obtained using a swipe system. This would show the staff member dealing with the sale if the information is correct and if he can/cannot go ahead with the transaction. After all the items have been scanned, the total value of the sale comes up which includes the VAT. A receipt is printed which shows the NET and VAT values and also the total value. If the customer decides that they want to pay by cash then the staff member dealing with the sale enters the amount of money given to him and the EPOS terminal then calculates the change which the staff member has to return to the customer. A receipt is printed put with the price of sales. If the customer decides to pay by credit card then 2 receipts are printed out. The customer signs one copy and the staff member checks that this signature matches the one on the card before putting it in the cash drawer of the EPOS terminal. The second copy of the card receipt and the goods receipt are given to the customer along with their card and the items purchased. Task 3 Produce a report for the Managing Director * outlining the current ICT systems used by GO4IT Sports, in particular, Finance within Head Office and Administration within a shop There are a number of workstations which are linked in a LAN with a single server. At least one workstation in each department of Head Office. There is a fast laser printer which acts as the network printer for large print runs and a slower laser printer as a local printer. ...read more.


COMPATBILITY OF EDI WITH SUPPLIERS If the ICT system used by GO4IT Sports is used by their supplier too then that means they are compatible. E.g. using the same item numbers and barcodes ICT systems of organisation and supplier can communicate e.g. when stock low can automatically send order to supplier. Supplier's system can arrange delivery, sending of invoice. * Everything that can be moved electronically is moved electronically * Orders * Receipts * Bills * Money * The only thing that is physically moved is the product. Risks and barriers Security concerns with sensitive information due to the large volume of information that is sent between customers and suppliers. Competitors or others that intend to do harm can hack into the Internet and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) shared between companies. Therefore, it is vital that this information is secure enough to ensure that only the intended recipient receives this data. Encryption can be used to circumvent security breaches. Reasons why to implement EDI? Many companies choose Electronic Data Interchange as a fast, inexpensive, and safe method for transferring frequently used business documents. Electronic Data Interchange is different from sending messages or sharing files through a network or a modem. The straight transfer of computer files requires that the computer applications of both the sender and the receiver agree upon the format of the document. Implementing an EDI system requires for users to agree with their partners about which messages to use, create policies and procedures for handling the data being sent. The Electronic Data Interchange is facilitated through the use of a PC-based client server technology. Electronic trading requires organizations to co-operate, agreeing that form of electronic messages and collectively committing themselves to invest in the technical and organizational adjustments necessary. In order to implement Electronic Data Interchange there needs to be an establishment of "partnership" between trading organizations. EDI implementation have a symbolic value to user firms because they begin a closer relationship demonstrating their commitment to a long-term relationship. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zain Sheikh Beauchamp College Centre Number 25280 ...read more.

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