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Information sheet for new sales assistants in Selfridges Description of the purpose of sales personnel

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P1 Information sheet for new sales assistants in Selfridges Description of the purpose of sales personnel The purpose of sales personnel is to increase sales for the business they are working in. therefore business will make profit. They must help the business to remain competitive, as this is important in any kind of business. Sales personnel must be able to provide information and services to customers therefore customers will be satisfied. As well as sales personnel has to develop customer care because it is important that they meet customer needs. In addition, if the customer is satisfied and is happy with the information or service provided to them they will give a positive feedback, this is good for the business as the reputation will go up and it will attract more customers. ...read more.


self-motivated * Br passionate about their work * Be keen to achieve * Quick thinker These skills are very important because it helps customer to feel more confident. Therefore, customers will buy the products or use service that business provides to their customers. Description of the knowledge sales assistant needs for personal selling The knowledge that sales personnel needs are: Keeps up to date: * Know about the product that is on sell * Know what their competitors are offering * Know what the latest trends are Good product knowledge: * Interest in what you are selling * Know about the features and benefits of the product * Have some experience e.g. ...read more.


Up to date customers about new products or services * To up-sell Description of the reasons for recording customer information Customer information has to be recorded in order to follow up sales. If customer is satisfied with customer care is more likely in repeating the sales. Reasons for recording customer information: * Keep customers profiles in database * Can send mail shots (post or email) * Can send new offers or discount vouchers Essential information that is recorded on private customers: * Name * Title * Address * Telephone/mobile number * Email address However, for firm organisations they use different detail recording: * Te name of the buyer/decision maker in the company * Title of the person * Size and type of the company ?? ?? ?? ?? UNIT 7 1 ...read more.

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