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Information System - a plan for an IS based on Boots (Boots the chemist(BHC)) and also the purpose of this report is to explain the organizations Business Environment ,SWOT analysis,data,information,IS and competitive advantage of IS.

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Introduction It stands to reason that Information System (IS) is interacted with business organization and its environment. According to that this report contains a plan for an IS based on "Boots" (Boots the chemist(BHC)) and also the purpose of this report is to explain the organization's Business Environment ,SWOT analysis,data,information,IS and competitive advantage of IS. Boots is one of the leading retail pharmacist &pharmaceutical wholesaler through its UniChem subsidiary with a 40% market share In UK. It was founded in 1849 by John Boot, herbalist who prepared and sold herbal remedies its industry is related to pharmaceuticals, heath care and beauty. There are 2600 stores in UK with 100,000 employees including 4000 pharmacists and the headquarters is in Nottingham, England, UK.Boots Healtcare International exports healthcare products in more than 130 countries around the world and Boots health and beauty stores have been established in such countries as USA,Canada ,Netherlands,Norway,Romania, Bahrain,Kuwait ,Quarter,UAE and Thailand Now Boots is also a member of the "Alliance Boots"- retail pharmacist & pharmaceutical wholesaler and the retail operations of "Alliance Boots"- are carried out under the Boots. It is dedicated to developing effective and innovative beauty products that deliver results for women and men across the globe. It is believed that beauty products should be accessible and affordable for all and are proud of the contributions to make to the well-being of the communities. It has the main products such as Boots (own products), Alliance Pharmacy(Alliance Boots), No 7 - Makeup and so on. These are able to use from babies to adults to fulfill their health and beauty needs. As far as the services are concerned dispensing prescriptions are is most important and proving leaflets on healthcare topics and free advice by excellent pharmacists. Therefore Boots is well-known in UK. Business environment of Boots(IS)-Diagram Information System (IS) is interacted with business organization and its environment such as people,objects and its processes. ...read more.


Threats Some of the customers try to benefit from the Boots's services only such as prescription rather than it goods because some products are slightly expevsive than its main competitors such as Tesco,Masks &Spencer and Superdrug so The great danger to Boots is that just under half of consumers use the grocers for personal care products. UK and American markets have been affected by economic concerns through the "credit crunch". Lower available income will impact and strategic focus may need to change to lower priced basic products with less focus on higher priced brands suggesting a switch in price architecture. Rising raw material costs will impact profit margins overall. In February 2008, Sainsbury's announced that they were piloting a new scheme to move into the pharmacy sector. The supermarkets are thought to be offering a new method of organizing doctors' visits. The Sainsbury's plan was for patients to book appointments through their normal surgery, but to attend the clinic in the supermarket. Asda has also been considering something similar. Analysts suggest that although Boots is opening stores, it is finding it hard to grow market share. Some fear that it will also start losing prescription revenue to the supermarkets Data/Information -About Boots Data- Data are unprocessed facts. They do not enable decisions of any consequence to be made. A list of Boots' s products and services/Customers' needs: * Health and beauty * Personal care * Cosmetics and toiletries * Baby care * Bathroom toiletries * Dental care * Hair care * Men's toiletries * OTC medicines * Prescription medicines * Pharmacy services * Paper products * Perfumes * Skincare Information- Information is data that have been processed or turned into some useful form. A Consumer Insights report produced in 2008 revealed the following information about Boots' position in the personal care market: Boots' share of shoppers: Boots loyal shoppers - why they shop there: Range of goods offered 69% Price (compared to rivals; offers etc) ...read more.


Conclusion Organizations-no matter the size or whether they are profit or non-profit-are facing daunting challenges. All are trying to provide the best patient care, recruit and retain quality staff, and comply efficiently with state and federal regulations, while managing costs. The right pharmacy service has a significant impact on reducing cost, improving patient safety/care, and reducing the compliance burden. A pharmacy service must be in reducing cost, enabling better clinical and financial outcomes, and improving staff productivity and satisfaction. A pharmacy service must be easy to do business with and a seamless part of organization's operations with the help of the Information Systems (IS). Based on detailed analysis of the organization, we can identify organizational goals and objectives. It will also be based on proven records management principles and practices. As a result, it has been developed a keen understanding of the commonality of processes, procedures and needs of the customers. This would pave the for a attractive business. The ability to organize, control and find information is critical to any organization. IS helps companies to provide a competitive advantage for long-term growth. and build a platform for knowledge creation of employees to control information to achieve success in their markets. As far as the Boots is concerned Customers are attracted by Boots Advantage Card, which awards customers four points for every pound spent, is a hugely important part of the business. With almost 15m active cardholders, these are used in around 70% of BTC sales. Linked to the Advantage Card, in 2005 Boots launched its Parenting Club for expectant and new mothers, and followed it with the Boots Health Club in 2006, giving regular advice and information as well as discounted products to its members. Updated technology will also enable offers to be more targeted.As far as the Boots is concerned it has a well developed Information Systems(IS) with innovative ideas so the secret of the Boost's success is its IS. ...read more.

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