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Information Systems Management with E-Commerce Applications

Extracts from this document...


Central Queensland University Faculty of Informatics and Communication COIS13034 Information Systems Management with E-Commerce Applications Winter Term (T3) 2004 Assessment item 1 - Written Paper Case Study on NTT DoCoMo (Japan Telecommunication Company) Lecturer: Santoso Wibowo Due date: Monday, 6th of September 5, 2004 Weighting: 30% Length: 3000 words Written By: S0039470 Mei Wei Michelle Chen Executive Summary Should contain outcome / recommendations of the report 1/3 page eg on page 31 Table of Content Executive Summary 2 Table of Content 3 1 Introduction 4 2 Company Profile 5 2.1 Why chose NTT DoCoMo? 5 2.2 What NTT DoCoMo do? 6 2.3 What is their vision for the future? 7 3 Relationship between business / Individuals / Society 9 3.1 Advantages & Disadvantages of IS 9 3.2 Business 9 3.3 Impacts on Individuals at Work 12 3.4 Social Impacts 13 4 Major Business Pressures / Responses 14 4.1 Pressures 14 4.2 Responses 14 5 Components of E-Commerce 15 5.1 People 15 5.2 Public Policy 15 5.3 Marketing and Advertising 15 5.4 Support Services 15 5.5 Business Partnership 15 5.6 Impact of Information Systems and Technology on each E-commerce 15 6 Networked Computing 16 6.1 Roles in Business Environment 16 6.2 The Essential Components of Networked Computing 16 6.3 Network Infrastructures NTT DoCoMo adopt to achieve its Information Systems and Technology Goals 16 7 Reference List 17 1 Introduction The aim of this report is going to discuss the utilization of Information Systems within organizations. Relevant core issues of Information Systems and Information Technology to business will be addressed in four different aspects as the following: (1) Relationships between business, the community and the individual (2) The major Pressures in the business environment and the major organizational responses to them (3) Impact of Information Systems and Technology on each E-commerce components (4) Roles / Components / Infrastructures of Networked Computing in the Business Environment General arguments on those issues will be mentioned first in each section below. ...read more.


can be read on the newspapers and magazines all the time. As a result, information technology and system indirectly creates frenzy. Individuals at workplace might be unmotivated because the great potential to lose their jobs. In old days, when NTT DoCoMo has a new promotion to its customers, it normally hires a crew of staff into its call center unit, and informs customers through phone calls or mails. In this day and age, different approach is taken. NTT DoCoMo as a leading telecommunication company may just inquire its computer technicians to employ the use of SMS service through mobile to automatically send the promotion information to all its customers. The organization may then save time, cost, and labour in this particular case. Turban, Mclean and Wetherbe noted four major possible impacts of individuals at work. They are the job dissatisfaction, dehumanization and psychological impacts, information anxiety, and impacts on health and safety. (Turban, Mclean and Wetherbe, August 27 2004) It is proposed that the implementations of IT might result job dissatisfaction because jobs may become more routine and dissatisfying. This might lead to the second impact, dehumanization and psychological impacts. For instance, during the working hours, many employees face the computer screens all the time. Psychologically, they might feel a loss of identity because of the heavily computerization. In the health perspective, computer vision syndrome might occur "when the viewing requirements of the task being performed exceed the visual capabilities of the person performing the task" (Quible 2001) Nowadays, corporations have computer software to monitor e-mails, phone conversations, and web-surfing of their employees. Among other things, video surveillance, GPS tracking of company cars, and even the use of infrared badges to determine employee location are methods that have come into play in the workplace. (AMA.com) In psychological aspect, the increasingly intrusive hiring practices to continuous information gathering may also increase the level of uncomfortable feelings or insecurity of individuals at workplace. ...read more.


NTT DoCoMo adopt the intranet which confined to an organization for its internal use. Also, they adopt extranet which allows secure communication among business partners over the Internet through its i-mode mobile service and offer the users opportunities to do e-commerce through its network. By providing i-mode service, users are now able to get access from remote location with security. This is how NTT DoCoMo maximize the profit through its network infrastructure. 7 Reference List "AbsoluteBusiness.com: Glossary", (unknown last update), (AbsoluteBusiness.com) Available: http://www.absolutebusiness.net/help/glossary.htm (Accessed 2004 September 3) Goleman, D. (1998). Working with emotional intelligence. New York: Bantam Books "HSBC cuts 3,500 management jobs to reduce costs", (2004 June 18 - last update), (ce.cn) Available: http://en.ce.cn/World/Europe/200406/18/t20040618_1098460.shtml (Accessed: 2004 August 29) "Information technology for management : Chapter 16", (unknown last update), (John Wiley & Sons Inc.), Available: http://jws-edcv.wiley.com/college/bcs/redesign/student/resource/0,12264,_0471229679_BKS_1774___3485__,00.html (Accessed: 2004 August 27) "NTT DoCoMo: Company Overview", (2004 May 21 - last update), (NTT DoCoMo), Available: http://www.nttdocomo.com/companyinfo/overview.html (Accessed: 2004 August 25) "NTT DoCoMo: What is i-mode", (2004 May 21 - last update), (NTT DoCoMo),Available: http://www.nttdocomo.com/corebiz/imode/what/index.html (Accessed: 2004 August 28) "NTT DoCoMo: Evolutionary Service", (2004 August 18 - last update), (NTT DoCoMo),Available: http://www.nttdocomo.com/corebiz/imode/services/index.html (Accessed: 2004 August 28) "People Facts: Japan Population Changes 1970 - 2050", (2001 December 30 - last update), (os-connect.com), Available: http://www.os-connect.com/pop/ (Accessed: 2004 August 27) Quible, Z.K. (2001) Administrative Office Management: An Introduction.7th. ed., Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey "Sony to cut 20,000 jobs to reduce costs", (2003 October 29 - last update), (ComputerWeekly.com) Available: http://www.computerweekly.com/Article126059.htm (Accessed: 2004 August 29) "Telstra Profits Surge", (2000 March 9 - last update), (ourcivilisation.com) Available: http//www.ourcivilisation.com/decline/jobs/Telstra.htm (Accessed: 2004 August 29) "The Naked Employee: How Technology Is Compromising Workplace Privacy", (unknown last update), (AMA), Available: http://www.amanet.org/books/catalog/0814471498.htm (Accessed: 2004 August 28) "The Theory of Advanced Mechanization and Automation of Modern Society", (unknown last update), (totes.com) Available: http://www.totse.com/en/politics/political_spew/thetheoryofadv171443.html (Accessed: 2004 September 3) Turban, E, Mclean, E & Wetherbe, J 2004, Information technology for management, 4th edn, Wiley USA. "World's 400 Best Big Companies", (2003 April 10 - last update), (Forbes.com), Available: http://www.forbes.com/2003/04/09/aland.html (Accessed: 2004 August 25) ...read more.

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