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Information Systems Questions

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Answer all questions 1 Some IT applications use software which maintains an audit trail. Name one such application and state why this facility is necessary. (3) 2 With the aid of appropriate examples, explain the difference between formal and informal information flows. (6) 3 (a) What is meant by a Management Information System? (4) (b) State four factors which could contribute to the success or failure of a Management Information System. (4) __ (8) -- 4 A multi-site college is considering the introduction of an IT based system to log visitors. ...read more.


(8) 5 The Head of a school decides to adopt an IT package to maintain pupils' records of attainment. The package will be used throughout the school. (a) (i) Identify three different potential users of this package. (3) (ii) With the aid of examples, describe the different types of documentation that each user will require. (6) (b) Training in the use of this package may be provided by a variety of methods other than formal training courses. Describe two possible alternative methods. ...read more.


Describe four characteristics of a good IT project team. (8) 8 A sales manager claims that he is always provided with 'quality' management information from his Management Information System. With the aid of examples where appropriate, describe five characteristics of good information. (10) 9 "Information Systems are mission critical, the consequences of failure could prove disastrous" Discuss this statement, including in your discussion: * the potential threats to the system * the concept of risk analysis * the corporate consequences of system failure * the factors which should be considered when designing the 'contingency plan' to enable a recovery from disaster Quality of langage will be assessed in this question. (20) ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 ...read more.

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