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internal & external customers

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IKEA is founded by Ingvar Kamprad. He was born in Smaland in the south of Sweden. He was raised on a farm called Elmtaryd near the small village of Agunnaryd. His father gave him a gift when he was 17 for succeeding in his studies. The gift was used to establish his business. The name 'IKEA' was formed from the founder's initials (IK) Ingvar Kamprad plus the letters of Elmtaryd Agunnaryd the farm and village where he was raised. IKEA sells low price products, including furniture, accessories, bathrooms and kitchens at retail stores around the world. All other IKEA products include storage furniture, TV solutions, small storage, sofas & armchairs, tables & desks, chairs, lighting, decoration & mirrors, floors, textiles & rugs, pets equipments, beds & mattresses, cooking & eating, furniture care & hardware, kitchen cabinets & appliances, bathroom furniture, clothes storage, children's IKEA and safety products. ...read more.


Other benefit includes access to business direct where you can be able to purchase over the telephone. > They also offer job opportunities for interested customers who are capable of working in the retail environment; they are able to train students and people who are willing to work in the retail business. Internal Customer: Internal customers are customers that work within a business. They are staff that work in the company who need support to fulfil their expectation to the customer. However, to be able to meet the customers requirement they need cooperation to be able to work as a team. If by any reason you cannot respond to a request then your colleague should be able to respond. External Customer: These are customers that work outside the organisation who are the consumer of the product which means that their needs ...read more.


> Bonuses > Benefits. > Good pay. Type of External Customers Needs Expectations Young people and Adult > Satisfied with your products or services. > They need you to understand their needs. > Good value for money. > Responsive. > Polite. Business customers > They need financial needs, after sales service. > They need response to their queries. > They expect prompt response to their request. > They expect to be treated in a more professional manner. > Professional service. Family > Good customer service assistance. > To respond to their enquiries. > After sales service. > Dedicated attention. > Not to be passed around > Treat with respect and with a friendly approach. Disabled customers > They need information about the product. > They need to be provided with efficient service. > They expect to be taken seriously. > To be treat with respect and helpful. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 2: Developing Customer Relations. P1. Tope Ogunsanya ...read more.

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