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interview questions

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Interview Questions I asked A few questions to Mr Patel on how his current system runs at the present moment in time; I did this to find out how I can improve on this. 1. What information do you store? We store all the members' details, the loan details, and the video details, in 3 separate filing cabinets, one for the members, videos and the last 1 for the loans. 2. How and where do you store information? I store this information on index cards which I then put into filing cabinets, each filing cabinet costs about �70 each so this can turn out very expensive. 3. What happens when you get new videos? When I Receive a new vide I have to right all the appropriate details for each and individual video, which can ...read more.


6. What happens when someone returns a video? When a member returns the video I have to go all the way back to the loans cabinet, look through all the loans (which is time consuming) and then find the right loan and the write the loan off, but sometimes people bring in the video and forget to bring the money, so I have to go all the to the loans cabinet and check whether the people who have returned the video have already paid. 7. How do you deal with overdue videos? I check through the loans cabinet and check whether all the loans for the day have been returned and if they are not returned, I send al letter to the member saying that if he does not bring the video in his fine will increase 8. ...read more.


sometimes one of these index cards can be lost from the cabinet so their would be no backup of that particular record. Every time a new video arrives you need to put it into the catalogue, which can sometimes get squashed so that their would be no room to add more videos. Also I sort out the videos in alphabetical order so if a new video arrives I need to add it alphabetically, which would mean that their would be no more space to put in the new record. 9. What experience of computers do you have? The basic experience, I know how to operate programs, use the keyboard etc 10. What computer hardware and software do you have now? I have a windows XP operating system, but I have no software on it. Mohammed Patel ...read more.

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