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Introduction for Currys:

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Introduction for Currys: For this assignment I am investigating Currys and I will be getting information about my investigation from the customer service of Currys, but to do this I will need to know also a little bit about the customers profiles and what the customers think about Currys' products and services that they provide. Background: Currys is the leading choice for families buying electrical devices for the home and other businesses. Currys also delivers their goods to their customers seven days a week to households and businesses throughout the UK. While delivering new products the Group collects 750,000 ends of life white goods appliances, fridges, freezers, cookers, computers, printers, radios, televisions, phones and washing machines, from customers' homes each year, of which, until November, approximately 300,000 were fridges. Until November 2001 these were recycled or refurbished by a network of contractors, relieving Local Authorities, who would otherwise be obliged to collect or receive these products, of a significant burden. Many units were refurbished and resold at low cost, providing cheap products for families on low income (including through create, a Dixons supported project to re-train long term unemployed people as engineers). ...read more.


P2 The key areas in Currys: Products and services: Audio & Hi Fi, iPods, Micro Hi Fi, Mini Hi Fi, MP3 Players, MP4 Players, Surround Sound, Hi Fi Separates, Hi Fi Separates Packages, Karaoke, Clock Radios, Portable Audio, iPods, Personal CD Players, Personal Cassette Players, Personal Hi Fi Speakers, Analogue Radios, DAB Digital Radios, Non-CD Radio Cassette Players, Portable CD Stereo, Dictation Machines Accessories, Headphones, Blank Minidisks, Batteries, Cameras & Camcorders, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Digital Camcorders, Accessories like: Image Editing Software, Memory, Holdalls, Tripods, Camcorder Batteries, Camcorder Tapes, Digital Photography Accessories, Computing, Printers, Scanners, Data Storage, Software: Anti Virus & Security, Education & Kids, Graphics & Photo editing, Lifestyle & Hobbies, Maps & Navigation, Mac Software, Office Applications, Operating Systems, PC Games, Utilities, Video & Music Editing, Networking: Wired Routers, Wired Cards & Adapters, Wireless Kits, Digital Media Players, Digital Media Labelling, Adapters, Network Accessories, PC Furniture: Chairs, Peripherals: Portable Data Storage, PC Headsets, Networking, Keyboards, Mice, PC Cables, USB Device Cables, Phone & Modem Cables, Joysticks & Game pads, PC Speakers, Web Cams, Microphones, Modems, DVD RW Drives, CD-RW Drives, PC Card Readers, Soundcards, TV Cards, Cooking, Range Style Cookers: Built-in Cooking: Splash backs, Ovens, Gas Hobs, Cooker Hoods, Electric Hobs, Built-In Cooking Packages, Cooking Clearout: Accessories: Microwave ovens, conventional Microwaves, Microwaves with grills, Combination Microwaves, Dishwashers, Freestanding Dishwashers, Built-in Dishwashers, etc. ...read more.


Some time the delivery takes two days but it depends if the item purchased is in the store or not. If the item is not in the store, then the delivery will take three or four days to be delivered to the customer. After sales care: Currys always provide to their customers with a guarantee for each products and each product has a guarantee of three weeks to get your money back but a customer of Currys is asked if they want a longer guarantee but that guarantee has to be paid by the customer. If the customer is not satisfied by the products or services that Currys provides them, then the customer has a chance to get a refund with a reason. Currys does not repair the products damaged by the customers but Currys always give to their customers a way that the customer could be in touch with the manufacturer of the products. If a customer is making complaints about the products or services that Currys provides, then Currys keeps the information about that customer into their system and sort it out. Payment: Currys has many methods of payments that enable their customers to pay in their favourable away, like: credit cards, cash and debit cards. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Course work: on customer service ...read more.

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