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Introduction to Business Assignment

Extracts from this document...


Report Introduction to Business Assignment To: Peter Eskesen From: Amish Patel Subject Title: ITB Date: 11/10/2003 AIM: I have been requested by Peter Eskesen to look at two contrasting business organisations and one of who must operate in the secondary/manufacturing industry and the other corporation must be a service provider from the tertiary sector. I must then look at the activities that each of them fulfil and look at the effectiveness of them within each organisation. 1.1 I have decided to look at the activities of G.E lighting which is an American company and a direct division of the biggest company in the world G.E and the second company of which I have decided to look at is Sainsbury's who is amongst some of the most dominant market leading companies operating in the U.K in the supermarket sector. Both of the companies that I have decided to look at are both owned by shareholders which means that people have bought shares into them. However having said that, as G.E lighting is an American company it means that it will not be listed on the London Stock Exchange but will alternatively be listed upon the New York stock exchange market. If a person wanted to buy shares in GE lighting then they would have to contact a broker. Furthermore, Sainsbury's is also a Public Limited Company because it is like before, listed upon the London Stock Exchange. 1.2 Today General Electric is made up of many departments/divisions. For example G.E Lighting in Enfield is part of a Global Business, which operates in over 100 worldwide countries and also holds work for over 300,000 people worldwide too. Television programming, Plastics and G.E Aircraft Engines for example, is the biggest engine maker and supplier in the world with operations in over 40 different countries.1 On the next page you will find GE's product portfolio. GE Product Portfolio 2 1.3 G.E Lighting is the General Electric's oldest functioning business and is a global leader with regards to ...read more.


Furthermore Sainsbury's is in addition becoming more profitable by carrying out day to day activities in other companies that they own. For example, Shaw's Supermarkets, JSD, Sainsbury's banks and Sainsbury's Property companies are all contributing profits to Sainsbury's. > 3.1 To Grow/Expand - Sainsbury's have decided in persisting in this as primarily being one of their main objectives because recent years show that their market share as depreciated and Tesco have emerged as for now the most successful service provider in terms of gaining a 'larger slice of the cake' or market share. For example, TNS Market research group TNS said the chain's market share fell to 16.1% in the 12 weeks to 14 September 2003 against 17.2% in the same period last year. Tesco extended its market lead to 27.1% as the hot summer of 2003 boosted sales of barbecue foods and beer. Asda, which recently overtook Sainsbury's, retained the number two slot, boosting its share to 16.9%. Sainsbury's has been trying to reinvigorate its performance by moving into the non-food arena, where Asda has had particular success. Its brand new product range that it has extended includes the likes of George clothing and this range has proved to be successful at luring shoppers away from traditional high street stores - so much so that its US owner Wal-Mart has now exported the brand to the US. Sainsbury has now retaliated by launching its new non-food range, which includes soft furnishings, books and home entertainment products. Sainsbury's market share is down 1.1 percentage points since this time last year and it was the only major to deliver an underlying sales decline this month. Despite its extensive refit programme and heavy opening schedule, Sainsbury is even underperforming Safeway. Elsewhere in the supermarket league, Safeway which is currently subject of a takeover battle held fourth position, despite its market share slipping to 9.2% from 9.7% a year ago. ...read more.


9.1 The elementary responsibility of the human resources department is attained through a close monitoring procedure which begins with the selection of prospective employees, continues on through promotion and training of existing members of staff, to the termination of contracts through death, retirement, redundancy, sacking and those who have been promoted. 9.2 The personnel department also maintains records and files regarding their employees which includes features such as holiday entitlements, sickness records, qualifications and experience, salary and reports from their line managers. For e.g. HR will help to aid in assuring that labour are smooth and conversant in their working environments because they will help provide the highest quality of training. 9.3 In turn, this will help Sainsbury's employees become more motivated and geared up and they will supply the finest customer service which in turn will help them repeat trade and assist the organisation accomplish customer satisfaction and increase the level of service. 9.4 Furthermore, any organisation that truly values their key personnel highly will take all the necessary steps to ensure that they are motivated and contented with the work that they carryout. If key employees within Sainsbury's felt that they could receive a improved salary elsewhere, much better working conditions or even enhanced staff fringes such as company cars and reduced rate mortgages, then they could seriously consider leaving Sainsbury's. 9.5 Also Staff Welfare will help to provide a highly competitive and exceptional service because if staff are treated in a fine way i.e. they may get rewarded commission or perks such as company cars for working extremely well and if they feel satisfied then they will do the same in return by continuously providing the best service to customers and will help Sainsbury's attain their objective of good customer perception. 1 BBC.co.uk 2 GE official Homepage 3 GE Lighting official website 4 bbc.co.uk/hi/English/business/newsid Oct 2003. 5 j-sainsbury.co.uk/education/operation Oct 2003. 6 Sainsbury's website/education 7 GE lighting Homepage 8 Marketstudies group website 1998-2003. 9 bbc.co.uk/businessnews 2003. Amish Patel Peter Eskesen 1 Introduction to Business ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Structures, Objectives & External Influences section.

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