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Introduction to marketing

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Task 1 Introduction to marketing The Chartered Institute of Marketing's definition provides a clear picture of the activities involved in marketing. It defines marketing as is the "management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably". Marketing is the main source to make a profitable organisation. Marketing focuses on how customers make choices and how companies should design products to satisfy their customer requirements. This is done in the marketing mix also know as the ` Four Ps`, that are Product, Price, Promotion and place. The Concept of marketing The concept of marketing is basically to meet their organisations objectives and also to be focused on their customer's requirements, so that they keep their sales up and make sure that their rivals/competitors don't take customers away. By doing this it will only make them more successful by bringing in more capital to the business. The majority of businesses have their own style to keep their customers happy and bond to create a good relationship. For example `Apple` with their Apple iphone, which has been very popular and has been a big feature in the market. Apple have used their research to find out what features would the customer want. ...read more.


They can do this by ways like pop ups and email marketing. The reason this will be a benefit is because a large majority of people use the internet to surf or research the internet. The fourth principle is keeping ahead of the competition; businesses will always try to keep ahead of their competitors. The reason for this is very straight forward, so that they do not suffer a loss to their business. They can prevent this by basically following and making sure that the other three principles are done correctly. Types of Organisations There are several types of organisation including: * Public organisations * Private organisations * Voluntary organisations Public Organisation (The Manchester College) A public organisation is basically owned or controlled by the government, for example The Manchester College. The Manchester College carries out the four marketing principles. The first principle is to understand customer needs which they do by having a variety of courses for the students. Also they offer different timing of courses such as evening, part time and online courses. The second principle is communicating effectively with consumers; they carry out this by advertising their college in places such as on buses, newspapers and radio as this is the appropriate choice of advertisement. ...read more.


These departments have to make sure that they are informed about developments of the product. * Manage changes in technology, competition and consumer tastes. The purpose of this function is to keep a look out for changes in technology, competition and the consumer tastes. This is important so the business doesn't fall behind and keeps in date with the trend. E-marketing E- Marketing is basically marketing but with the use of electronic methods more specific the internet. This is a very popular way to market. Organisations use this to set up their own business online. There are many examples for E- Marketing such as websites, email marketing and pop-ups. A website provides 24 hour marketing so by this the business can market when ever they want to. Email has a benefit that is the organisation can market one to one with their customers. This is basically were they send a direct email with their name on it so it directs straight to them. This is good because then it makes the customer feel more importance to the business. The last benefit is that it will make their organisation into global reach with e-marketing. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC National Diploma In Business Unit 3: Introduction to Marketing Danish Rahman ...read more.

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