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Introduction to the internet.

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The ten website that I will be looking at in this assignment will be: * www.cd-wow.co.uk B2C - Business to Customer * www.bbc.co.uk G2C - Government to Customer * www.bsm.com B2C - Business to Customer * www.mtvbase.com B2C - Business to Customer * www.savethechildren.co.uk G2C - Government to Customer * www.fedex.com B2B - Business to Business * www.dti.com G2B - Government to Business * www.amazon.com B2C - Business to Customer * www.microsoft.com B2B - Business to Business * www.oxfam.com G2C - Government to Customer www.cd-wow.co.uk B2C - Business to Customer This company is an Internet based business, Cd-wow rely heavily on the Internet to run their business. CD WOW! Is a small company dedicated to customer satisfaction They are without doubt the least expensive supplier but they pride themselves on their commitment to service and there discounted prices does not mean reduced service levels! This company sells three different product genres Cd's, Game's and DVD's, because it is an American it get the latest products so they sell them to different parts of the world at low prices. www.bbc.co.uk G2C - Government to Customer The BBC exists to enrich people's lives with great programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain. Its vision is to be the most creative, trusted organisation in the world. It provides a wide range of distinctive programmes and services for everyone, free of commercial interests and political bias. They include television, radio, national, local, children's', educational, language and other services for key interest groups * www.bsm.com B2C - Business to Customer BSM has a long and distinguished history and heritage, starting from a small garage in Peckham to being the largest driver training organization of its kind in the world and part of RAC plc. Basically BSM is a driving school teaching people at the right age how to drive, on the website, BSM gives you many features for example you can book lesson online, you can take a series of theory test leading up to the main ...read more.


So it is very easy to find what you are looking for fast and effective. When you find the product that you are looking for next to the product the price is printed next to the product, here in the screen shot you can see that next to the product is the price. Also in the screen it tells you that it is free delivery within U.K on order, also on every Product there is a review or a rating next to it, stars. From the screen shot on the right you can see that Amazon do special offers because the original price was �26.99 but Amazon are selling it for �15.94 with a total saving of 40% which �11.05. At Amazon there is only 1 way you can pay which is by Visa, American Express, Master card, Switch, Solo and delta. These are the only ways you can pay because for Amazon it is fast and reliable. To order products from Amazon you will have to follow a few steps. In these steps you will be asked: What Information could the music industry provide on their website? & why? The information that the music industry could use to put on their website could again be what part of the music industry they work in, about their business itself for example how and when was the business first in operation with the public, how long has the business been running and who else they offer there information to. Amazon uses the internet to sell goods by using a lot of sources. Amazon advertise to sell goods They have diagrams and pictures to sell goods and also they have specification of the goods they are selling so that the public can see what the product entails. Amazon is a internet based business and because that they are an internet based business they only advertise by people using the internet, for example 1 way that Amazon advertise might when a person is logging onto a website another internet window may appear with an advert for people to come and shop at Amazon. ...read more.


Also they provide information on the rates of there flights they have around Europe. On the screen shot I have given you a typical example of price that they have for customer flying from Athens to London one way with a family of 8 Because the price are so low is because that easy jet have there own planes going and coming all around Europe so they can afford to but there prices down a lot, to beat their competitors such British Airways, Gulf Air and Air France. Easy jet uses the internet to advertise and promote their products and services by for example using Pop-ups, Spamming, Special offer and deals and I think that most important one they use the most would be links to their website from other websites. Another way Easy jet advertises is on billboards and on radio and T.V. Easy jet does this so that they can introduce more people to the service they provide and for easy jet's benefit to bring more money to the business. Easy jets also sell last minute flights to customers who wish to travel on the day they want to travel. This could benefit the music industry because the could offer there customers last minute concert tickets to some of the famous singers. The one thing that Easy jet is different from Amazon and Cd-wow is that Easy jet provide a service for the public and their customers to go aboard all round Europe at low costs, because easy is an internet based business when customers order their tickets to go away the customer has to be able to pick them up from the airport they are travelling from because Easy Jet do not have an actual building where customers can go to pick their tickets they have to be picked up. Because all these three business are Internet based businesses they all rely HEAVILY on the Internet for customer to come and use their website and to order or buy things off. ...read more.

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