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Investigating Business at RS Components in Corby For my work experience I went to RS Components. They provide components mainly for other business

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GCSE Applied Business Unit 1 Investigating Business at RS Components in Corby For my work experience I went to RS Components. They provide components mainly for other business, they provide all types of components, and they sell electro components, tools, health and safety products and many more. I went there to work from the 20th of March to 5th April 2004. RS is in Weldon, Northants, it is a big building with many departments. The departments within the building there are: * Sales department * Finance department * Customer services department * Information systems department * Internet Trading department * Production management department * Operations department * Human resources department * Supply chain department * Workshop * Goods in * Goods out * Storage * Packaging The school want us to get a lot from our work experiences so we can be more mature, be more focused on schoolwork and be independent. They gave us the opportunity to pick a company that can be studied for Applied Business GCSE. The school also want us to have more self-confidence, and maybe have a good reputation in the industry. And the school want to be proud of us. I really enjoyed my work experience and prepared a list of questions to ask my manager about to get the information for my portfolio. I had meetings with different departments as well as doing my jobs. At RS Components my jobs were changed day to day. In the HR department the jobs I did were: * Shredding- I had to shred about 5 kilo worth of paper a day. It was very boring and often the shredder would get over heated. * Faxing- I had to fax a bunch of paper to all kinds of people. I did it Wrong about 15 times until I got corrected, I had to send them all again. * Photo copying- I got the hand of photo copying straight away. ...read more.


At RSs Components they do a lot of work in the community and help charities and have to do this to give a good public image in the community. * It is much more expensive to start a public limited company than a sole trader. But a sole trader could never be as big as RS components as it would be too risky to own all that stock. Suggest how and why the ownership, and aims of the business may need to change in order to respond to a change in business activities. If Rs Components decide to source and sell quality products at low prices. Products like electrical goods, to sell them to the public and not just the others businesses. I would recommend that they do this as a franchise rather that staying the same as an Ltd. I think that RS Components is a very well known company with a lot of respect given to it by its customers and by the public. If RS had had franchises then people will be familiar with the company and they will be on top of the problems and debts straight away within a few months. If they do this then they will have to change their monthly objectives to meet their new targets. It would be easy for RS to find people who will be interested into buying a franchise. All they have to do is put it on the website that advertises franchise and automatically people will apply to own a franchise because of the companies success previously. RS Components- Executive management team (EMT) Business functions In all businesses there are many different functions or jobs that need to be done. Often a company has a special department to do these jobs. If you are a sole trader you have to do all the functions yourself or pay someone to help you do it (eg. ...read more.


* Offering efficient after sale services. Such as repair and maintenance and the replacement of faulty products or parts. * Responding to enquiries about the business and/or its products. * Dealing with written complaints from customers promptly and fairly. * Offering customers credit. Many businesses arrange loans to help customers buy their products. This can often be done immediately, allowing customers to have their goods straight away. * Delivering goods it is normally for business to deliver bulky or heavy items, but delivery of goods as a consumers buy more on the internet. Competitors RS Components has not got any competitors that do exactly the same thing as RS components because RS has so many areas in the company and sell a wide range of things that covers every need for a small business. E.g. they sell account book to key locks. But it does have lots of competitors that sell the things as RS does which is actually harder for RS to compete. It would be easier to compete with one other competitor, rather than 15 competitors. Here is a list of the competitors that RS have: * Kaiser and Kraft plc * Kellys * Keyind * Black box * Newey and Eyre * MSC * Slingsby * Rexel senate elec supplies * Digi-key catalogue * Arw * Buck and Hickman * CEF * Fisher * Wyko RS compete with its competitors by doing these things: * Help lines- they have help lines that you can phone up and help you chose what tool is best for the job and the one most suited for the job and for your budget. * Catalogues- RS has 7 catalogues they are all have a different types of products and they always have 3 or 4 promotional magazines for each month. * Delivery- RS have joined with another company to deliver the customers goods within 24 hours if necessary. * Order online- you can order online if you want and all the info will be on the website. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ferhat say ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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