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Investigating business ideas

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Take away Restaurant Clothes shop Hair salon Snooker area Gym Beautician Florist Hotel Corner shop Pharmacy Arcade Swimming arena Caf� Internet caf� Book Store News Agents The business I have chosen I have chosen the corner shop, but then when I earn enough money, I would turn the simple shop into a supermarket. The reason I chose this over the others is because the rest would need too much work and money going into the business at once. Whereas with this business I can start off small then build up gradually becoming more and more known and international. Here are a few reasons I didn't choose the others: * They need a lot of staff * Its too much money * For things like the arcade you need to pay for the electricity. ...read more.


* A business organization in which two or more persons agree to do business together. * A business owned by two or more individuals each of whom is legally responsible for the total liabilities of the business, unless the partnership is limited. * A legal relationship existing between two or more persons contractually associated as joint principals in a business * Two or more people, who are personally liable for all business debts and obligations, own a partnership. A general partnership can come into existence without the need to file any formal papers with any state official. Advantages of partnerships: * Partnerships are relatively easy to establish; however time should be invested in developing the partnership agreement. ...read more.


Estate agents- You need this because you need a place to rent and to stay and to hold your business. Banks- In case you need a loan Warehouse- To get stock and those things Accountants- You need accountants to calculate your losses and profits and to pay wages to staff. Insurance company- So you can get insured. Local council offices- They give you license if you need it. Citizen Advice Bordeaux-To give you advice to help your business succeed. In order to succeed I would need to carry out research of: * What the customers would like in the shop * How I would attract the customers to my shop * What would make the customers attracted to my shop * Zahra Mohamoud 9DK Mr. Carroll (Investigating business ideas) Handsworth Wood Girls School. 20115 ...read more.

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