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Investigating Business Resources

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Nadie Horsman 1IBS2 Dhr. Roelfsema Date 07-09-2008 Task 1.1 Page 2 till 5 Task 1.2 Page 6 Task 2.1 Page 7 till 8 Task 3.1 Page 9 till 13 Task 4.1 Page 14 till 17 Task 5.1 Page 18 till 21 Sources Page 22 Managing human resources is carried out in two main ways. First, it is important for organisations to recruit the right people, monitor them and then decide how they can be used. Then resources have to be provided for these employees in order to maintain an effective business operation. Task 1.1 Describe how a selected business manages its existing human resources. Use an organisation or business which can give you all the information you need to finish this task. You could ask your part time work experience company or ask your parents or family. How do you treat your employees Employees are an important part of a company. If employees wouldn't be treated ok, it's possible the employee won't work hard. In that way the company could lose money, lose employees or even lose your customers. When you're invest in your employees, they can grow in your company by extra training or courses. This is smart and motivate your employees. Team work A team need to work together to get the best results. In a team everyone needs to have the same level, sometimes needs someone a little training to fit in the team. Everybody is different so their need to be a good eye on the team. To see if they meet their targets, do what they need to do, and if everyone is working hard a team can give meetings. Those meetings can help the team to get better results because they hear what they do good or bad, but the team can also give their own suggests. Sometimes a company or an organisation is so big that it have more than one team. ...read more.


The machine hours type A and type B will be calculated in the cost price in hours. So it is easy for the managers to see what the budget is. The next figures are available from the budget in the first three months of 2007: The normal production for the company is 1.000 pieces of product P, and 450 pieces of Product Q. normally the budget for machine hours type A is 2.500 hours and for machine type B 1.200 hours. The budget costs for the machines are: Fixed Costs Variety costs Machine A � 41.250, = � 7.200, = Machine B � 23.160, = � 5.170, = Analyse and explain: 1. What is the budget for one machine hour type A? 2. What is the budget for one machine hour type B? 3. Describe the standard cost price the company could use for the calculations? 4. What is the standard cost price for Product P? 5. What is the standard cost price for Product Q? 6. What are the reasons for the management to look at the budget and to monitor the figures after the production? 7. Give reasons why budget and costs need to be controlled? 8. What are reasons to analyse those costs and budgets? 9. analyse the differences between the budget and the real costs: 10. What is a Break Even analysis? 11. What is the break-even point for this company? 12. What is the safety margin for this company? 13. Explain in detail the problems that can arise if this company is not monitoring the budgets and real costs. 1. What is the budget for one machine hour type A? Fixed costs + variety costs . Normally budget working hours � 41.250, = + � 7.200, = 2.500 hours 2.400 hours = � 16, 50 + � 3, 00 + � 19, 50 for one machine hour type A Because I don't know the working hours yet, I use the normally production hours. ...read more.


How do the ratios compare? With same purchase price, the Acid tests ratio a lot higher by the stock, so if the companies wants to eventual price you have carry out some changes in your stock management. 4. What difference does a stock make to their ability to pay their liabilities? The high costs in the stock management can ensure raised sale price, as a result of which a product in the market can become too expensive and the profit can come under pressure. 5. Give recommendations to each business about what it could do to improve its position in future. Floris chocolat Ltd They can make more profit in the future, by using a part of the profit now for payment of the debts. Salon du Chocolat Ltd. At this company the stock in proportion is a high expense, Therefore changes in stock management are carried out, This will lead in the future to more profit. 6. Research other examples of business in the confectionery industry, such as nestle: Nestl� is the world leader in the food services sector. The first 9 months of 2007, consolidated sales of the Nestl� Group amounted to CHF 78.7 billion, an increase of +9% over the comparable period of 2006. The organic growth was totally 7.2%; real internal growth was strong at 4.5% and pricing added another 2.7%. The strength of Nestl�'s brands allowed the Group to raise prices to offset rising raw material costs. These price increases, together with the resulting slight dip in real internal growth, reflect the Group's commitment to profitable growth regardless of market circumstances. Current Ratio for Nestl�: Current assets + liquid assets Current liabilities 37.354 35.067 = � 1,065 Acid Test Ratio for Nestl�: Current assets - stock Current liabilities 37.354 - 9.422 35.067 = � 0,796 Sources http://Answers.com http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Employment/Employees/ResolvingWorkplaceDisputes/DG_10028111 http://www.pa-sports.nl/ http://www.iedex.com.au http://www.bized.co.uk/educators/16-19/business/hrm/lesson/hrm1.htm http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=nl&q=human+resource+management&meta= http://www.direct.gov.uk http://www.humanresources.about.com http://www.productcosting.com http://www.nestle.com BTEC national business book 1 || 2nd edition ?? ?? ?? ?? 22 Nadie Horsman 1IBS2 Unit 2: Investigating Business Resources ...read more.

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