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Investigating Internet marketing

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Investigating Internet and eBusiness Distinction One Carol Viney In this assignment I will make justified recommendations as to how a selected business organisation and an individual could improve their preparation for the growing use of internet by business organisations. I have chosen to look at look at a local Jewellery store in Enniskillen its currently successful I've been looking at ways to expand I feel if it offers an online service this will hugely maximise the companies potential and profit. In this modern age we live in people have greater demand when shopping. People work more there are more families with both parties working this doesn't leave a lot of time for them to shop so online shopping has become more popular. A customer can shop whenever they feel like it if they work nights and come in at 4 in the morning they can go on the internet and order what they want. ...read more.


instantly if it was per when you get the goods you could have to wait a few weeks for payment as the case would be with a furniture store delivering heavy goods if is busy it could take a few weeks. There are also opportunities to use customer care online so one person can just check emails from customers instead of having a customer care department or you could hire a call centre to take care of them problem for you The website must be accessible this means it should be on the first page at the top of a related search. This is very important you want your business to be at the top of search that involves your key words people do not scroll down to the bottom of the page they simply click on the first few results. ...read more.


All these above points need to be meet to make sure they website is effective. When someone clicks on a website they know whether or not they will purchase of a site or even load. When a company is going to expand into online marketing they need to hire a specialist to design there website. A website should load quickly not be overly loud with brash colours but should be laid out so that everything isn't cramped into one page but should not be a blank page. The website should not have pop ups and minimise advertisements to a sensible amount. Conclusion I critically evaluated the plans made by a specific organisation and an individual and make justified recommendations for the improvement of the plans. The organisation can be one with which the learner is familiar or a case study could be used. The justification should draw on factual data, trend analysis and/or benchmarking against other organisations ...read more.

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