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investigating marketing

Extracts from this document...


Investigating Marketing Product is: Cadbury Dairy Milk History of Cadbury Dairy Milk John Cadbury established the Cadbury story in 1824 in Bull Street, Birmingham. This was a family business when it first started but now it is one of the world's largest international chocolate producers. In 1831 the business developed from a grocery shop and John Cadbury became the manufacturer of drinking chocolate and cocoa. This was the start of Cadbury manufacturing business. Cadbury business is an industrial and social development business. It has been developed over a century and half. The business shows how it developed since it was established and the features of having the highest standards quality, technical skills and innovation. Cadbury Limited is the confectionery partition of Cadbury Schweppes plc, a great power in the confectionery and soft drinks international market. One of the main focuses for Cadbury is the quality from the establishment until now. Generations from the start have worked to produce chocolate with taste, smoothness and snap characteristics of the Cadbury chocolate. Cadbury's logo Milestones In 1824 John Cadbury, son of Richard Cadbury, opens his own business at 93 Bull Street which is a fashionable part of Birmingham. John Cadbury sells tea coffee and additional to this he sells hops, mustard and a new sideline - cocoa and drinking chocolate, which he prepares himself using a mortar and pestle. 1866 Cadbury brothers introduce a new cocoa process to produce much more delicious cocoa essence. 1897 Cadbury manufactures its first milk chocolate. 1905 Cadbury Dairy Milk is introduced with a new recipe using fresh milk. 1915 Cadbury Milk Tray is introduced. 1920 Cadbury Flake is introduced. 1923 Cream filled eggs, the forerunner of Cadbury Cr�me Eggs, are launched in the UK. Mid-1920's Cadbury Dairy Milk gains its status as the brand leader in the UK, a position that it has enjoyed ever since. 1928 Fruit & Nut is introduced as a variation of Dairy Milk. ...read more.


For a new product to be successful the business should take all the factors into account and care for innovative corporate culture. This is to ensure that all the staff in the organization is encouraged to do the best in their work. Cadbury takes innovation very seriously and it is a major part of Cadbury's strategy for success. ` There are many great ideas - many of them generated by chance. However, only few products make it through to the end of the process. The further a product goes through this process, the more expensive it becomes. As products progress, the company is making an increasing commitment in terms of resources. Once a product is developed, the launch marketing costs are significant; so a company must carry out extensive market research to ensure a product has the best chance of appealing to the market. Segmenting the market makes it easier to categorize groups of people with the same consumer requirements and desires. Branding and packaging The essential role of packaging has always been to protect and contain a product. In a competitive market, branding and packaging are significant and have become an important part of the product. Consumers directly identify products by the size, shape and colour of packaging. The marketing department give a product a distinctive look and decide on the package design. This will incorporate the brand name and will separate the product from competitors. This is known as a unique selling point The shape, size and colour are key factors when packaging a product to make the packaging eye-catching and unique. The packaging of Cadburys dairy milk is made of some shiny plastic and it is mainly like that. It has a zigzag edge on which would be called the top and bottom of the packaging, which makes it easier to tear open. It has the Cadbury's logo on the top left with the words "Dairy Milk" underneath. ...read more.


The businesses that produce these products should take an immediate action to refresh the image of the product so repositioning form new demand for existing consumers or draw new consumers. Repositioning strategies Repositioning strategies are in act of response to the changes in consumer tastes, market conditions or an alteration in competitive strategy. The amount of the repositioning will depend on the degree of the change in taste, lifestyles and technologies. Another factor is how well competitors are performing Repositioning Cadbury Snack Review * Launched over 50 years ago the Snack brand was still popular but was not engaging consumers in a meaningful way. * Cadbury decided to reposition the brand to target young, hard-working professionals who used quick breaks to catch up with friends and relax during a long working day. * Snack was repositioned to appeal to this market to become their top-of-mind brand. * New modern packaging and an advertising campaign altered how the consumers perceive the Snack brand. * The Snack brand is now being extended to widen its consumer appeal and use (healthy cereal bars can replace breakfast and provide healthy snacks). * The brand is +5% to date in 2005 versus 2004 Cadburys Advertisments AIDA of the Advertisements ATTENTION - in Cadburys advertisements the attention is always grabbed by sound and colour effects. This grabs people attention to what is happening and makes them curious. INTEREST - Cadburys make people interest in the advert by showing the glasses of milk pouring into chocolate which will make them interested in the chocolate and the advert. DESIRE - this is the main and the hardest part of the adverts. At this point Cadburys main role is to make people go out and buy its products. At this part of the advertisement Cadbury like other confectionary adverts, always shows the chocolate which creates a desire at people. ACTION - this is a benefit when the advertisements on television because then they can have people who are acting and promoting the product. 1 ...read more.

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