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Is there room for another business in Chorlton?

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Is there room for another business in Chorlton? Introduction Your mum has a friend who has just been left with some money by an elderly relative. She is thinking of starting a business but she is not quite sure what she wants to do or exactly where she wants to set up her business. Your mum has been talking to her and explained that you're a brilliant business studies student, so they have come up with a clever idea! You could put your skills to work as a business consultant and do some research to find out if there is room for another business in Chorlton. As a business consultant you will need to write a report. I have been asked to find out whether or not there is room for another business in Chorlton. To do this I will have to design a questionnaire, which will be suitable, to ask the public. The questionnaire that I have designed will be changed into a data capture form because the respondents will not want to spend time on filling in a questionnaire, as this will be quite time consuming. Whereas, the data capture form that I intend to produce will be quite effective as it will not take as long as a questionnaire to complete, and most of the questions on this will have choices i.e. ...read more.


I would have used a stratified sampling method towards age and gender or ethnicity (if applicable) living in the area. I could use the Manchester Census to do this as it will give me an accurate set of results. Results Looking at my questionnaire I have found out that the two types of shops mostly wanted were i.e. Shoe shop & nothing. The majority of the respondents wanted a shoe shop. The table below shows the results: Stationary shop 1 Book shop 1 Jewellers 1 Office 1 Nothing 4 Clothes shop 3 Restaurant 1 Shoe shop 5 Ice rink chains 1 Cyber caf� 2 Hardware DIY 2 Sainsburys 1 JJB Sports 1 Arcade 1 Fish Monger 1 Music shop 1 Chip shop 1 TOTAL 28 By looking at the summarised shopping classification table I have found out that there are enough vacant premises to open up a new business. I, as well as the majority of the interviewees would recommend you to open up a shoe shop because in Chorlton there's only one other shoe shop, which you will be competing with-Shoe Tree. On the other hand, if you decide to open up a caf� you will be competing with at least 10 others. A B C D Service 6 27 13 10 Retail 26 21 23 9 Financial Service 1 1 2 8 Charity 1 2 3 ...read more.


- What type of business do you think is missing? I also had some irrelevant questions that were asked, which in future could be left out: - Why do you come to Chorlton? - How long have you been shopping in Chorlton? If I was to go out to Chorlton again I would ask the following questions which could have helped me in the results and recommendations. - Are you willing to spend a lot of money on expensive goods? - Would you like to see an up market shoe shop in Chorlton? Analysis of Results The graph above shows that the ages of the respondents was bias because I had very few responses from 16-20 year olds. Most of the group of people were between the ages 31-40, out of these 8 interviewees there was an equal amount of males and females. To make sure we asked shoppers in all Chorlton we split it up into 4 sections A, B, C and D. I was questioning the shoppers in section B. The graphs above show all the different types of businesses in Chorlton. The following table summarises the graphs to show all the different types of businesses in the 4 sections of Chorlton. A B C D Total Services 6 27 13 10 46 Retail 26 21 23 9 79 Financial Services 1 1 2 8 12 Empty 0 5 3 2 10 Charity 1 2 3 1 7 Manufacturer 0 2 0 0 2 ...read more.

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