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It is my task to act as financial advisor to the Broadway Theatre.

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Report 1- Introduction to Unit 2 and The Broadway Theatre Nature of the task It is my task to act as financial advisor to the Broadway Theatre. As financial advisor to the Broadway Theatre it is my role to propose ways for the theatre to: * Raise additional finance; bring more capital into the business. * Increase the business's profit margins so more profit is made. * Reduce the business's costs; lowering the amount of money that goes out of the business. For Report 2 it is my task to review the present situation at the Broadway Theatre and based on my findings to produce a report identifying what appear to the key problems. My report should include details on the staffing structure of the theatre; details of costs, revenues, profits, losses, cash flow, pricing and break-even analysis. My report should also include information on the theatre's layout and grounds as well as information on services and performances the theatre has on offer. For Report 3 it is my task to follow on from Report 2 and outline some possible solutions to the problems previously highlighted. I will then go on to say which of the possible solutions I am going to investigate further and state how I will go about my investigation. This report must include a summary of the problems identified in Report 2, and a summary of the possible solutions to these problems and what it would involve to put the possible solutions into place. ...read more.


This is a form of risk lending as it can not be known if the business will do well or not. A method of long-term borrowing is to issue debentures to the public. This is were the debenture holder lends money to a firm for a fixed period of time at a fixed rate of interest. At the end of the fixed period of time the lump some is paid back to the debenture holder plus the interest. The conditions of the loan are set out in a legal document called a debenture. Another method of long-term finance is for a business to mortgage land or property, this can last many years and can be done with a highstreet bank. When undertaking a mortgage you are borrowing money on the value of an asset. Government grants are a source of finance available to some firms depending on the type of goods or services the business offers. An example of a grant is the Enterprise Allowance Scheme for new business's in selected areas of high unemployment. Another possible way of raising capital is for a business to change its structure. This may involve a large firm becoming a Public Limited Company and selling shares to the public on the stock market. Investors will invest on the basis that they will receive a return on their investment known as dividends which will be deducted from the firm's net profit. ...read more.


The theatre it self is located in open grounds that are owned by the local authority. Also located within the grounds is a disused bandstand. However, most importantly there is no public transport available from the town after 8.00 p.m. How will this background information help me with my task? The background information will aid me in my task as it will help me to identify the key problems with the theatre. It also gives an overall picture of the Broadway Theatre which will help me when proposing developments for the theatre. Investigation I will need to gather as much information from relevant sources as is possible. The information I will need to gather will include information from other theatres on their staffing structure, and how they promote their theatre and draw custom. This information will help me as it will give me ideas for my proposed development and may also indicate where the Broadway Theatre is going wrong. When collecting my information I will use the following methods to contact theatres: Writing letters, sending questionnaires, sending emails, telephone conversations, and direct interviews. Listed below are some of the theatres I plan to contact: Everyman Theatre Hope Street, L1 0151-709-4776 Empire Theatre Lime Street, L1 0151-709-1555 Neptune Theatre Hanover Street, L1 0151-709-7844 Southport Arts Centre Lord Street, Southport 01704-540011 I have also included a possible letter that I could send to a theatre. ...read more.

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