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ITC - Database storage.

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SPECIFICATION The problem that I intend to renovate is the inconvenience of the stock check by automating the current system, which is manual and can lead to human error and will limit the time required to fulfil the needed specifications. The current system is manual work and not very accurate, it can cause mistakes and more likely to make errors as stock check is done by hand. It is difficult to find out if an item is in stock. Invoices have to be calculated manually leading to the possibility of mistakes being made. My new computerized system will monitor stock and once it has gone below an assured level then it will automatically re-order stock without the need for human supervision on the stock. My new system will also be able to store vast amounts of information and will allow users to print out appropriate references and other source of valid information. It will be a menu driven program for employees and general use. Requirements of new system is a database storage check which will in turn show the stock available in the shop and will steadily decrease after a period of time and then re-order after a certain level of availability. ...read more.


FOOD ORDERING SYSTEM The business is located in Kingsbury, London has around 10 or so employees that do a specified task on a daily basis. For Example, a few employees prepare the food and a few handle the financial side to the organisation. On average around 100-120 customers per night depending on reservations or not. The business uses invoices as a form of information and uses receipts for take away customers. The problem the business is having is a stock check every week, which is occasionally inaccurate and very time consuming and could lead to human error. I intend to solve this by creating a system which will be used for eating in and take away orders it will be a food ordering system and it will keep stock of how much food is available in the restaurant and when it goes below a certain level the system will re-order stock automatically. The main problem I will tackle is convenience for the staff, as my system will repeatedly order stock after a certain level of monitoring. My overall aim in this project is to create an automated food re-ordering system, which will verify the level of availability of stock for the restaurant. ...read more.


I will arrange the interview on a weekend and it will take place in the organisation itself. I will ask the following questions to my end-user: What current problems do your old system on stock have? How do u re-order stock? Do you have any schedule for re-ordering or do you just re-order when there isn't any stock available? Explain how you order your stock? Do you feel your system is proficient or can there be improvements? What do you feel about my new automated system? How do you think my new system will help this organisation? What advantages and disadvantages do you think my new automated system will have over you old manual system? QUESTIONNAIRE I will also carry out a questionnaire for the employees of the workplace so I can get their opinions on my new system and how it will benefit the organisation. Do you agree that making the old system automated will help the business? YES NO What system would you prefer to work with? OLD MANUAL NEW AUTOMATED What skill level do you think you have on information technology? BASIC INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED ...read more.

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