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J Sainsbury's PLC: Human resources

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Introduction For this unit I have chosen to do J Sainsbury's PLC. I have chosen to do this because I work part-time there and information on human resources is easy to access. In this portfolio I will show how important HR is to a large company and how it operates within a business to make it more efficient. Sainsbury's is one of the leading food retailers in the UK, and also operates property and financial services. The company started in 1869 when John and Mary Ann Sainsbury set up a grocery in central London down Dury Lane selling basic foods such as dairy and poultry products. Sainsbury's have now grown into a large company serving over 11 million customers in over 450 stores and 60% of stores are located in town centres. ...read more.


Mission Statement Their mission statement is "Our mission is to be the consumer's first choice for food, delivering products of outstanding quality and great service at a competitive cost through working 'faster, simpler and together" Sainsbury's HR Department Human resources is the managing of recruitment, retaining and organising a businesses most important resources which are people. Human resources is a large functional area within Sainsbury's. The HR department at Sainsbury's is a big part of the company and have their own mission statement that is to be the first for talented people as well as food. There is no one place for HR, as they need to be close to where their work force which is everywhere. ...read more.


In stores the personnel department will have a store trainer. They deal with the new recruits to make sure that they are equipped for success. They also make sure that the work forces are kept happy in their job and environment they work in. Employment Law HR has many has responsibility to look after staff and protect them from being discriminated. The government has also introduce laws that protect employees from discrimination against pay, gender, race, disability, and hours of work that Sainsbury's has to abide to. The Equal Pay Act 1970 prevents males and females with the same work having different pay. Sainsbury's makes sure that pay is equal but is different when it comes to qualifications that prospective applicants have for e.g. applicants that have a degree can apply for management jobs starting at �18,000 while non degree applicants may start on �15,000 despite gender. ...read more.

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