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Job Profile: Computer Engineer

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Capp 11 Kevin Chang Block: D Nov 22, 1998 Job Profile: Computer Engineer Computer is an electronic device that can receive a set of instructions, or programs, and then carry out those tasks by performing calculations on numerical data or by compiling and correlating other forms of information. And computer engineers are the people who work with computers and design and improve them. Computer engineer is to be known as an individual who writes and debugs computer programs and systems. Depending on the size of the project and the work environment, a computer engineer might work alone or as part of a team, be involved in part or all of the process from design through completion, or design all or a portion of software or hardware. ...read more.


Specific skills required include: * * Responsible * Analytical * Patient * Determined * Persistent * Organized * Excellent oral and written communication skill * Inquiring and inventive minds * A capacity for details * Good decision making abilities * An aptitude for math and science * Good time management skill Computers have opened up a new era in manufacturing through the techniques of automation, and they have enhanced modern communication systems, which means it has opened up its opportunities of advancement, and relate greatly to the other jobs connect with computers. Government, hospitals, researches, and private business are some examples of the related jobs. Moreover, some people are self-employed as consultants. Computer engineer is an essential supply in almost every field of research and applied technology, from constructing models of the universe to producing tomorrow's weather reports. ...read more.


However, most companies give deadlines to the employees and therefore, let the employees to manage their own time. This benefits both the employees and employers as they can manage their holidays and takes time off. Working with computer can also upgrade our knowledge and intelligence through the net and exchange opinion. Computer can be use in a wide variety of ways, not only for us to work, but also, can be use as mails, phones, and TV. We can absorb information, and while relax through the using of computer. Database services and computer networks make our lives easier and faster as the world grow. However, the same advanced techniques also make possible invasions of privacy and of restricted information sources, but computer crime has become one of the many risks that society must face if it would enjoy the benefits of modern technology. ...read more.

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