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Kenwood Electronics Business Report.

Extracts from this document...


KENWOOD ELECTRONICS UNITED KINGDOM Kenwood Electronics Business Report I INTRODUCTION I have been commissioned to write a detailed business report on a large business. It will consider the Business objectives, organisation structure, and culture and management style of the business. It will also contain the communication channels within the business and examine how these factors interrelate to affect the success of the business. It would also explain how quality assurance and control systems help the business to add value to their products. II TERMS OF REFERENCE In order to complete this business report the following methods have been applied * Internet * Kenwood Visit * Texts III FINDINGS 3.1 Types of Ownership Kenwood Corporation owns Kenwood Electronics UK. It has a private ownership. The Kenwood Company started up in 1946 as Kasuga Radio ltd only marketing radios. In 1956 the company began to sell domestic radios to correspond with the beginning of the FM broadcasting. The company was known as Trio. By 1960 they started trading as Trio. As the success of the company grew they extended into the UK. Oringally the company specialised in household goods such as blenders, washing machines and microwaves. Kenwood electronics is a public limited company that is based in Japan. The company had branched out into sub companies, one of, which is Kenwood electronics UK, which is a private limited company. Kenwood specialises in car hi-fi, audio and communications equipment. There are many advantages and disadvantages for being a private limited company. These are shown below in the table. Advantages of being a plc. Disadvantages of being a plc. Limited liability Shares not available to the public Unlimited Shares More rules and regulations to follow Don't need to print company reports More paper work included Banks more likely to give money Go into liquidation In the table below it shows that Kenwood's ownership is conducted well. The reason I know this is because if we look at the limited companies row, we can clearly observe that limited companies cover home, car and comms much better than sole traders, partnership or co-operatives associations. ...read more.


External Communication All organisations need to communicate with their stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, government officials, suppliers and the community. The diagram below shows Kenwood's ICT Links. This is their external communication. The diagram shows that Kenwood UK has links with Kenwood, which is in Japan as they are their suppliers. They also have links with European locations. Kenwood keeps close links with their customers, as they like to give a good quality service to them. There are many different types of external communication (some methods are internal as well) * The telephone - This allows the most frequent use of external communication as it allows people who would find it hard to meet to be able to talk over the phone also it is fast. * Business Letters - A letter may be used to make arrangements, to provides a permanent record to both parties and confirm verbal arrangements * Faxes - A fax is capable of sending visual and written information over telephone lines. * E-mails - electronic letters that can be sent with in seconds to different computers around the world * Websites - Electronic Media. Most companies have a web-site, which are used for public relations activities and communication purposes. 3.7 Production Process There is an importance for any business to have good production, their importance of adding value to their products and their quality control and assurance. I have shown this below. Kenwood Corporation - Manufactures Kenwood Electronics - Suppliers Retailers - sellers Production Process These are the processes that are followed out at Kenwood electronics to make sure their customers get good production. The cycle is a 12-month on going cycle. The 12-month cycle is shown below: * Sales planning seek to identify consumer trends * Discussion within the UK involving marketing/technical * Requests passed to Kenwood corporation * Product development teams access requirements * Product development estimate cost per unit * Sales planning seek to achieve a standard GM * Consumer price testing * Firm production quantities * Launch of new models * Repeat!!! ...read more.


The atmosphere is much happier in the business. 3.13 Find an alternative approach to quality control or assurance and the effects it could have on functions of a business. An alternative approach to quality control that Kenwood could use is using TQM (total quality management). It would create a quality culture so every employee will please customers. I feel if Kenwood uses TQM (total quality management) it would improve their quality control. Below are some points in how it would improve the quality control. * Improve Production * Improve quality of the product The quality of the products would be checked from the start of them being produced which would mean the quality of the product is the best it can be. Kenwood would manufacture more goods as they are all of a better quality it would improve there production. * Less returns As the products are of a better quality there consumers would find less faults with them so there would be less returns * Sales may increase * Increase profit As the products are of a better quality more of them would sell so the sales would increase so it would increase the amount of profit Kenwood would make. IV CONCLUSION To conclude my report I have come to find that Kenwood is a good corporation. Their functional areas work and co-operate well with each other, which means meeting their objectives is not a hard task to meet. Their one objective they have not met this year is making a profit but I'm sure that if they carry on the way they are going it will be met in the future. It has been proved throughout this report that if the management style, culture and structure were changed the business would fall apart. This is because their organisation structure, management style and culture all interrelate well together, which means the staff are happy which would make the products of a higher quality. V RECOMMENDATIONS My recommendations to Kenwood are to carry on the way they are going and not to change their management style, organisation structure or culture in any way. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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