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Kudler Fine Foods: An Overview of Management

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Running Head: Kudler Fine Foods Kudler Fine Foods: An Overview of Management Alexis Cooper Managing the Business Enterprise MMPBL/502 Dr. Tim Glaid 12/01/08 Introduction Kathy Kudler is a specialty gourmet food store, founded in June 1998. She loved gourmet foods, but noticed her neighborhood stores, did not provide a huge variety of specialty foods. Kudler Fine Foods provides many different options for its customers including baked goods, produce, meat, seafood, cheeses and dairy products. It now has three locations throughout California (La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas). The La Jolla location was the first store opened and is seeing lots of success, but the Del Mar and Encinitas locations are having some difficulties with sells and growth. Kathy Kudler is the president of Kudler Fine Foods and is involved with every aspect of the organization, from ordering the products to checking our customers. She has three Directors: Harvey Stephens-Director of Finance & Accounting, who is responsible for planning and directing the finance/accounting activities; Yvonne Reynolds-Director of Administration & Human Resources, who is responsible for developing policies and coordinates activities within administration and human resources, and Brenda Wagner-Director of Store Operations, who is responsible for the managing all three locations, and overseeing store safety, maintenance, security, and compliance (Kudler Fine Foods, 2008). ...read more.


When a manager leads in an organization he or she must have clear and precise communication of the goals within the organization, be an example for employees to follow, inspire and motivate employees, and create an equal environment for every employee (Gomez-Mejia & Balkin, 2002). Like the previous function, the following people are responsible for this role being carried out within Kudler Fine Foods the President, Directors, the store managers, department managers, assistant store managers, purchasing managers, and inventory managers. The last function of management is controlling. Controlling occurs when performance is set and one's job performance is measured (Buzzle.com, 2008). This function also involves the President, Directors, the store managers, department managers, assistant store managers, purchasing managers, and inventory managers. Although, each function involves the role of every manager within the store and the President, sometimes certain positions will have more of a hands on role within the store as the duties are assigned. For example, most likely the president will not evaluate an employee's performance on a yearly evaluation, because they are not within the store on a daily basis. Usually the department manager who handles these tasks, but the President is responsible for evaluating the performance of the Directors. ...read more.


The biggest competitor in the market is Cardiff Seaside Market (Kudler Fine Foods, 2008). They have been in business since 1985 and offers produce, meats, seafood and catering services. It is located approximately 12 miles from the La Jolla location, 2 miles from the Encinitas location and 4 miles from the Del Mar location. This location could be a reason as to why these two locations are as successful as the La Jolla location. The owners are not expanding and Kudler's hopes that with their continued expansion and growth, the effects of Cardiff Seaside Market will be minimal. Conclusion Kudler's Fine Foods is a specialty gourmet store that offers fresh products, meats, and baked goods to customers in three California locations. Sine there are currently no competitors that offer the same base of products as a one stop shopping ground, Kudler's has many opportunities for growth and expansion to many citizens around the state. The president is very active within the organization and provides customers with the best possible products. The type of management being offered at these stores, are currently sufficient to meet the needs of the employees and customers, but of the locations continue to grow in size, the possibility of adding more managers should be considered. ...read more.

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