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Launching Chocoholics Plc

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Launching Chocoholics Plc Activity 3 Action plan What am I to find out? Sources of Information What I need to do Priority Investigate the key responsibilities Resource booklets Read the booklets and make sufficient notes 3 Outline key departments Resource booklets, internet, pre-reading material Search the Internet, read booklets and make notes 4 Find out the companies objectives Resource booklet, text books Look through text books make notes and use the resource booklets 5 Find out how production departments can help the company meet their objectives Library, Internet Look for books in the library and make notes, search the internet 1 Explain the role of one employee Look at other companies of a similar kind, Internet Read information and make notes , look at other companies 6 Find out the problems the company are facing Pre-reading material, resource booklet Read information, booklets, make notes, 2 Activity 3 Chocoholics Plc is ran by 5 departments, they are: * Production -Processing raw materials -Stock control -Quality control -Packaging - Maintenance * Personnel - Recruitment -Training -Health and safety * Finance and administration -Raising finance -Measuring performance- profit + loss -Balance sheet -Controlling costs -Paying wages -Expenses * Marketing -Promotion -Distribution -Price -Design product * Transport -Delivery of finished product -Wholesalers -Regional distribution centres Production Department The production department turns the raw materials into finished goods. ...read more.


This department is also responsible for packaging design, promotion (advertising) and distribution. It is the department, which is linked with the firm's customers and consumers. Transport The transport department is responsible for the delivery of the finished product, they decide whether it is suitable to deliver them directly to the wholesalers or to regional distribution centres. This is an important department within a business, as consumers would not receive their goods if there was not available transport. - Objectives Chocoholics Plc have objectives, these objectives are to make a profit and to provide a good quality service to the public. This means that they might have to find alternative produce that the public wants, as they do no longer buy there hand made chocolates. Chocoholics have one important objective and that it to survive. For the company to do this they need to make sure that they make a profit by increasing market share and to make the company grow in size. To achieve this they need to find out what consumers are looking for when they buy chocolate, because what they are making doesn't seem to be satisfying what the consumer wants. ...read more.


The workers could also alternate from day to night shifts. Also, the responsibility can be increased for some workers, this will ensure things get done on time. There could be an introduction of overtime or additional working days for workers who mat need extra money, and this will help the business produce more in a less amount of time. There a many problems that the production department could be facing at the moment. For example, they might have a shortage of raw materials to process, this means that there is no product to sell. Another important problem that the department can face is shortage of staff, this would be because if there was not enough workers products would not be ready on time and deadlines would not be met. Also, the products may be not of a good standard, and so the item would not be sold. There is also a risk of Machinery breaking down that could be the most important problem the production department could face, as it would be time consuming to fix and this would be loosing the company money. As the machines would be broke this would stop the process of making the chocolates, it would then be difficult for the company to get back on its feet and make up for the time they have lost. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lisa Emmett Business Studies coursework ...read more.

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