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Laws in business

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Task 5 Laws There are many laws that Businesses have to comply with Ethics is a body of principles or standards of human conduct that govern the behavior of individuals and groups. Ethics arise not simply from man's creation but from human nature itself making it a natural body of laws from which man's laws follow. If a companys ethics is poor they are at a threat of getting poor publicity and ultimately loosing people that 'love' to shop with the company will not want to shop an QVC is a virtual shopping mall where customers can shop for quality merchandise 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 364 days a year via television, telephone or computer. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers by offering unique and innovative products, which are unmatched in quality and value. To do this, we source product in the United Kingdom as well as every continent on the globe except Antarctica. ...read more.


QVC will not knowingly purchase or sell any product that originates from a group or a country, which supports or engages in illegal, inhumane or terrorist activities. Fair employment practices QVC believes in the dignity and value of every employee. QVC seeks business associates who avoid discriminatory practices and who guarantee equal treatment and free association for all of their employees. Fair employment practices include: A. Working Hours and Wages -- Business associates must comply with all applicable wage and hour laws. Workers must be compensated for all hours worked at rates consistent with prevailing local industry standards. B. Workplace Health and Safety -- QVC expects its business associates to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions for workers. Workplace conditions must comply with local health and safety industry regulations. Workers should not be exposed to hazardous conditions or materials without adequate training and protection. C. Workers' Housing -- Workers' housing, when provided, must meet the same standards as required for workplace health and safety. ...read more.


This product is totally recyclable, biodegradable, and can be re-pulped. Gummed paper is the only carton-sealing tape that can offer these benefits, and the kraft paper used in production originates from FSC managed forests in Sweden - no virgin forest is destroyed. Flo-Pak Loose Fill QVC currently use Flo-Pak, the UK's leading brand of polystyrene loose fill. A proportion is recycled. QVC is reviewing more Eco-friendly alternatives to loose fill, in line with the principles of Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Cost (BATNEEC). Alternatives are on trial for suitability. Compliance Compliance with the QVC Business Ethics Guidelines is mandatory if you are going to do business with us. QVC intends to monitor compliance by means of factory audits and site inspections conducted by trained QVC employees or authorised agents. Business associates are expected to provide QVC with full access to their production facilities and to any documents pertinent to legal, employment or environmental practices. Any business associate found to be in violation of the Guidelines will be notified and appropriate action will be taken, ranging from corrective measures to termination of the business relationship. ...read more.

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