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LEARNING AGREEMENT AN EXAMPLE Inbound Operations Instructions: * There are 4 parts to a Learning Agreement. You must remember to complete every section since marks will be awarded for each section. Sections in a Learning Agreement Remarks Marks Allocated Objective(s) This is where you determine 'What' you want to learn from a particular department 15% Strategies The 'Strategies' is where you determine 'How' you are going to achieve your objective(s) or 'where' you are going to get the information required to fulfill your learning. 15% Assessor Comments You will have to submit this to your Manager(s) for their comments and signature & company stamp. (When submitting this to your manager(s), you need not show them the Students Reflections, just your objectives and strategies) 5% Student Reflections This is where you develop a report on your objective(s) - this is where you can also develop the learning outcomes. 65% * No part of this report may be reproduced, in any form or by any means. Work submitted based on any of the examples may be awarded no marks. Learning Agreement - Inbound Operations Student Name: Mr S Placement: Inbound Operations Asssessor: NIL (Practical - Exempted) Subject Area: Inbound Operations Preparation & Strategies Objectives * To learn and understand the procedure of handling a tour package Strategies for achieving the objectives * Full ...read more.


We also, arrange the visas and prepare the travel insurance. We assign people who are going to take care of the group such as tour leader, tour guide and driver. Then we prepare the reservation forms and we send them to our suppliers. The reservation form includes the services requested and the number of pax and sometimes more information according to the kind of supplier. In a case of a hotel for example, the reservation form will include extra information such as the date of checking in and out, the number and what type of room and type of payment. Suppliers may be hotel, resort, motel, museum, restaurant, theme park, car rental, motor-coach company, a marina, a diving center or anything else. During peak season we have difficulties in getting the right accommodation or some other services that was mentioned in the tour package, in this kind of situation we, must think of an alternative and inform the client about the changes and finally when both of us agree we proceed with the arrangement. The next task is to handle the group from the first day to the last day. The most important rule with the western group is being punctual because they are used to it and they do not like to wait for anything or anybody even from their own group. ...read more.


It is sad to realize that they are used to work this way, they don't easily cooperate with small companies and I needed to win their trust. Finally they decided to really do business with me and everything was working smoothly after that. I think and believe that these hotels or any other suppliers should cooperate and build a better relationship with the small tour operators in order to benefit from each other. I definitely agree that we were not in the same level as those large tour operators such as Z Tours but we proved to these hotels income as well. However, I was pleased that after many months of hard work, we were able to increase the number of bookings with them month after month. During my time spent in R Tours, I learned to better understand the procedure of handling tour packages. Now I am more confident of myself and well prepared due to all the experience that I had acquired while working there. I would like to conclude by saying that inbound operation is about using your capabilities, trying your strength in all the different tasks involves and be able to solve any problem happening during the tour by relating to your learning experience at the work place. ...read more.

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