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Legislation protecting Employees.

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All employees have legal rights because of laws passed by parliament. All businesses should grant them their legal rights. The laws discrimination: Discrimination means treating someone differently and unfairly because of a reason which is not related to their job. It can happen at any stage of employment process, e.g. when offering opportunities for training or during an interview or access to staff benefits. Discrimination is divided into two parts: * Direct discrimination - is where one group is expelled, such as No women's considered or No black applicants allowed. * Indirect discrimination - means a business makes terms and conditions more difficult to one group to meet the terms, such as all applicants must be 1.8 meters tall or only those with English as a first language. Many businesses have policies to prevent discrimination and related problems, such as bullying or racism and some companies also have policies on equal opportunities policies to promote good work place and help to protect the employer against discrimination at work place. ...read more.


It helps them to prevent from discrimination. The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 These Regulations prevent discrimination on the basis of age Either young or old, So that organisations are banned from using age as a basis for recruitment or training. It makes it illegal to force the people age of 65 and give other employee's the right to ask to carry on working after this age. The law and equal pay Women used to paid a lower rate of pay then men before 1970, even if they were doing the same job. The Equal Pay Act 1970 and Equal Regulations 1983 are meant to stop this. Nowadays, if a women believes that she is being paid less then men's she can make a claim against the organisation. These regulations give right to women's basically. Other statutory employment rights - There are large several employment laws that give rights to employees at work. Main ones are highlighted below: The Employment Rights Act 1996 - This law gave all employees the right to a written contract within 2 months of starting work. ...read more.


This act is forced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Inspectors can visit any industrial premises without warning to investigate an accident or complaint or to carry out a random check. The main requirements of the Act are highlighted below: qThe Health and Safety at work Act 1974 * Under this act anyone that is covered by premises has some responsibilities whether they are employees, directors or supervisors. * All employers' needs to make sure that employees are following the health and safety precautions, because in a case of accident the employers will be responsible. They are also responsible for some other aspects such as: > Safe entry and exit routes > Safe working environment > Safe equipment > Information on health and safety * Organisations that have more then 5 employees must have a written health and safety procedures. All employees must follow that policy. * All employees requires to: * Take reasonable care of their own health and safety * Cooperate with their employer and anyone acting on his or her behalf to meet health and safety requirements * They should not interfere with or misuse anything provided for health. ?? ?? ?? ?? Legislations Suhaib Bashir ...read more.

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