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Lewis Healthworks Customer Management System

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IDENTIFY I have decided to create a database containing customer information for Lewis Healthworks. This will keep individual records on each customer in an organised and easily accessible format. My database will hold: * Information on my customers * Information on the different types of classes Healthworks offer * Details of which members are attending what class It is incredibly important to "know your customer" and my database will allow for this. In addition, the centre will potentially make more money, as they will be able to advertise classes in a more direct manner, as they will have a target audience, thanks to the customer information held on the database. The database package I will be using is Microsoft Access, which is part of Microsoft Office 2000. This program is very widely used among businesses and comes as standard with the vast majority of computers on the market. It is also extremely easy to use. Furthermore, it will be sensible to stick to Microsoft, as the spreadsheet that I have already created for Lewis Healthworks was produced in Microsoft Excel. I will be using a Pentium III network computer and a laser printer, as this will allow me to produce high quality print out of a database. Furthermore, I will be using a RAM, which takes up 128k, and a Hardisk, which takes up 10Gb. There are two types of database - flat file and relational. A flat file database consists of only one set of data and is very simple. Examples of flat file databases are Pinpoint and Microsoft Works. A relational database is more complex and it is the one I will be using. It is very powerful, and can hold large amounts of data that can be accessed in many different ways. Microsoft Access is an example of a relational database. In larger databases, where many users are accessing the data at the same time, complex software, called DBMS (Database Management System) ...read more.


I will then ensure that I do not accidentally change any details that may affect the relationships. DESIGN: Why is it important to have each category of data in my system? Members Table: The membership number is essential in this table because it is the primary key that allows the relationships to exist. It also makes each customer record individual - there will be no two customers that have the same membership number. The remaining categories serve the purpose of allowing the center to have numerous ways in which they can contact the customer. They can ring to adjust bookings or just as easily send information to their home or e-mail address. Classes Table: Similarly to the membership number in the members table, the class reference number is also a primary key and is essential in linking the three tables together. The remaining categories are general information of the classes that the customer is likely to want to know when he or she makes a booking. Bookings Table: This is where the customer actually makes a booking, so therefore this is where the tables are linked and there are three primary keys. The membership number of the customer that is making the booking, the class reference of the class they wish to book and in addition the date they wish to book the class for. There will not be two bookings where all this information is identical. The remaining categories in the table are not essential, but just provide the customer and center with extra information that makes the booking more clear. Will my system be successful? At this moment I am pretty sure that my system will be successful. I have taken all potential problems into consideration. The only issue that may have to be addressed in the future is whether the workers at Lewis Healthworks will be able to operate the system. ...read more.


I think that the easy layout of the system makes it very user friendly. The front page and the use of macros are very helpful. I would give it an 8/10 again. I cannot find anything particularly confusing, but I do feel that if I did not have a prior knowledge of Microsoft Access, then I would have some difficulties with familiarising myself with the system. Do you think that this type of system would be of benefit Lewis Healthworks? Is it better than the current system? I myself find the current system very hard to use and often get frustrated with losing important papers with customer information. I feel that this system would be much easier to use and would help Lewis Healthworks become more technology - orientated. After all, we are in the 21st Century! Computers are everywhere! Are there improvements that you would make to the system? As far as I can see, the designed system covers the vast majority of the aspects the paper based data system has. However, I do not think that all the features of Microsoft Access are used to their full extent. For example, I would recommend that mail merge is integrated into the system because, at Lewis Healthworks, we do send out many letters. Therefore, overall, what rating would you give the effectiveness of the system? I would definitely give it no lower than an 8/10. I sincerely hope that Lewis Healthworks implement a similar system as soon as possible. I asked my user to attempt to create a query to find customer information on all the male members. A print out of the query is provided after this sheet. I asked my user how easily they created they this query. I found the creation of the query incredibly easy. The easy layout of Microsoft Access helped me a great deal, and I was able to interrogate the data, and get the information I needed in less than two minutes. I.T coursework Jake Hickie ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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