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Liquidity Mix Notes for 3 units

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BTEC National Business Unit 2 Provision of Appropriate Liquidity/Working Capital Working capital is the day to day money needed to pay bills and so the business can remain trading. It's the difference between current assets and current liabilities. Working capital is extremely important to a business because it puts them in a position where they can pay their bills. Large business make things more difficult for smaller businesses by negotiating long payment periods. This could give the smaller business a cashflow problem. It is quite common for debtors to fail to settle invoices within the time negotiated so there needs to be extremely careful cashflow management. The working capital measurement shows how quickly a business can turn its current assets into cash to pay its debts and is known as liquidity. The higher the level of liquidity or more working capital a business has the easier it will be for a business to pay of its debts. ...read more.


Describe the concept and principals of marketing Activity 1 Using the internet and your textbook conduct a search on Marketing and answer the following questions. * What is marketing? Marketing is an ongoing process of planning and executing the marketing mix for products, services or ideas to create exchange between individuals and organizations * What is the Marketing Mix? Marketing mix is a selection of products by a company from which a customer can choose. * Define what is meant by a market? Market is a mechanism that allows people to buy and sell products * Give five examples of different types of markets? Consumer Markets Fast Moving Consumer Goods Consumer Durables Soft Goods Industrial Markets * What is the difference between each type of market? Different products and goods are sold in different markets. * Who or what is a consumer? A customer is a person who pays for goods or services they buy. ...read more.


Kevorkian said that accessory makers first turned to the iPod market in an attempt to ride Apple's coattails, but in the end, they have helped Apple. Buyers who spent several hundred dollars on an iPod can now take that same music and use it in the home and the car through add-ons. The car, Kevorkian said, is an area where the standards-based approach could find its most receptive audience, among automakers and consumers who want to protect against shifting fads. "For a consumer buying a new car, considering the lifespan of a car, it's a risk for a consumer to buy a car that has a connector for a specific type of device," she said. Although Apple has done well and held its own, a lot can change in the 10 years that someone might own a vehicle. "Consumers run the risk of having a dock in their car for a device that's obsolete," Kevorkian said. "Any kind of universal industry solution would be more palatable to consumers. It helps them future-proof their car purchase." ...read more.

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