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Location of Enfield

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Task 7 Business Studies Location Location of Enfield: Enfield is based in north London and is one of London's largest boroughs, being home to nearly 300,000 people. Yet two thirds of Enfield is open spaces or designated green belt land with a wealth of country and urban parks, farmland and fields. Enfield has a proud and distinguished history being home to a Royal palace, several country houses, five ancient monuments and a host of famous people, past and present. Enfield continues to be a thriving place to live, work, study and do business and offers visitors a range of activities. In addition to the borough's 16 conservation areas and 900 hectares of parks and open spaces, there are over 400 listed buildings, seven shopping areas, three golf clubs, London's only agricultural college, cinemas, theatres and museums as well as excellent transport links both into central London and out to the home counties. With a diverse community, including the largest Cypriot community outside of Cyprus, everyone feels at home in Enfield. Enfield is at the centre of one of the world's richest and most dynamic economies, with immediate motorway access via the M25 London's orbital motorway to every city and business centre in the UK. ...read more.


The largest choice of destinations is available from Heathrow (Europe's busiest airport) and Gatwick Airport; both within about one hour's drive, or of course, using the convenient direct rail connections. ...by sea - Enfield's central position also means that all the major ports serving Southern England can be reached within half a day's drive and some within a much shorter time, via the M25 motorway. All these ports offer modern facilities and the latest technology; fast turnarounds and competitive charges. Factors influencing the choice of London: Economies of Scale: It can be divided into two types: internal and external. Internal economies - is the advantages that a firm enjoys as it grows. For example, a large firm is able to employ more specialist staff, afford more expensive equipment and gain bulk-buying discounts which may not be possible for a smaller firm. External economies - arise when an industry becomes concentrated in one particular part of the country. Local colleges may well develop specialist training courses to meet the needs of the industry and businesses will be set up supplying specialist services to meet the needs of the known for its steel industry. For example, for over 100 years Sheffield was known for its steel industry and response, the local universities and colleges developed metallurgy and other specialist courses. ...read more.


A new business or relocating business will want to be confident that will have easy access to all the materials that it needs in production. Historical Reasons: A business will sometimes stay in location long after the original reasons for locating there have gone. This is known as industrial inertia. Once established in an area a business may be reluctant to relocate, with all the expense and upheaval that this involves. The area around Stoke on the Trent is known as the Potteries. This is because during the 18th and the 19th centuries a large number of pottery and earthenware businesses set up in an area because of the availability of suitable fireclay. However, despite the fact that production methods have changed, earthenware and chinaware businesses such as Waterford Wedgwood and Royal Doulton still in the area. Demographic change: Demographic change refers to changes in the population over a period of time. Over the last thirty years, some parts of the country have experienced increases in population as people move into the area in search of work. Other areas have experienced falls in population as people move away from the area because of high unemployment e.g. parts of west Cornwall. These demographic changes will have a significant impact on local businesses. If population declines in a locality then businesses, particularly small shops and cafes, will find that they have fewer customers, revenue falls and they may decide to close down. ...read more.

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