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longleat enterprises limited . communications

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Longleat Enterprises Limited Communication Longleat is a big business, which is on a large site meaning there are a variety of good ways to communicate. Communication is essential to large businesses to help them to run well and efficiently. There are many ways to communicate such as * Instant messaging * E-mail * Telephone * Fax * Notice boards * Newsletters * Letters Why Are These Good Ways Of Communicating? Via Instant Messaging Instant messaging is a good way for communicating between departments and offices as it is quick, easy, and you could receive an instant reply. There are few disadvantages of instant messaging. The main disadvantage being, that if the conversation was important you would not have any record of it, therefore important information would be lost. Instant messaging would be quite appropriate for Longleat as it is a quick way of sharing information. Via E- mail The advantages of e-mail are that it is quick and easy. E-mails are also confidential, therefore you are able to make orders and share confidential information. ...read more.


However, there are disadvantages as the information can be unnoticed or moved. My opinion of communicating by way of notice board is that it is not an effective method to use unless there is a notice board in each department to share information equally. Newsletter Newsletters are an excellent way of communicating because all employees could receive a letter and get vital information. The disadvantages of newsletters are employees could lose the letter or be absent when the newsletter is issued. I think newsletters are a good way of communicating between departments at Longleat because the letter could contain all vital information that the employees may need. Letters Letters are a simple way of communicating either between companies or departments of the business. Although the disadvantages of sending a letter is that is may get lost on route. I think letters are a good way for Longleat to communicate with other businesses but not between departments as it is a slow method of corresponding. Functional Areas Functional Areas; Functional Areas are the all different areas and departments of a business such as: * Human Resources * Finance * Administration ...read more.


Also if there were any problems like a broken window the administration department would deal with this. Health and safety is also dealt with in this department, making sure the employees are doing their job in a correct and safe manner and not putting themselves at risk. Operations- Building and land, equipment and materials are all organised in the department. The department makes sure that all machinery and vehicles are checked to make sure they are safe to use and in good condition. The land and building on the site are also checked too. Production- This department is in charge of advertising the business. They put adverts in magazines, newspapers, billboards and the internet. The production department is also in charge of the Longleat website. Marketing and Sales- In this department the selling of products is organised. They communicate with other businesses to sort out the selling of Longleat products in shops, personal selling and internet selling. 1 Research and development- This department of the business is in charge of the development. They decide whether the site should be expanded and if any new attractions should be developed. Research is also done in this department. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lee Witchalls ...read more.

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