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Look at both price and non-price competition within markets.

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Before I can determine how firms compete in my local area, I must first collect some data, which I can use to compare the various firms I have chosen to study. As I am comparing information between the firms, the type of information I use must be the same for each firm inside the five different markets I have chosen to study. I am going to look at both price and non-price competition within markets. Supermarkets I have chosen four supermarkets to study from my local area. They are Sainsburys in Bispham, Safeway in Cleveleys, Tesco in Blackpool and Kwik Save in Thornton. I want to look at price competition between supermarkets so I am going to visit each supermarket and take down the prices of a basket of everyday necessities, which include popular items amongst consumers. Having taken down the prices of the items within the basket of necessities, I can then find out which supermarket offers the lowest prices to its customers. I will also be looking at non-price competition. On my visit to supermarkets I am going to give a mark out of five for the following: * The extra services offered. ...read more.


that have good knowledge of the equipment on offer and offer a good service, to ensure that customers come back to them and not to other rival firms. As with supermarkets I will be looking at the range of products on offer, location and special offers. I will be again giving a mark out of five on my visits to each shop. I will also be looking at the number of car parking spaces and the number of car parking spaces available as I did in supermarkets accept this time I can obtain an accurate result instead of an estimate because the car parks are a lot smaller than they are at supermarkets. Kebab Shops I will be looking at four kebab shops in my local area. They are Cyprus, The Nile, Doodles and Popeye's. To find out which kebab shop offers cheapest prices to consumers I will be researching the price of a large doner kebab, a small portion of chips and a small margherita pizza in each shop. These are all very popular products to consumers. To look at the non-price competition used I will again be giving each shop a mark out of five for the location of the shop, how fast and friendly the service is and the range of products on offer. ...read more.


It has four companies within it: O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone all of which I will be studying. To find out which companies offer the cheapest tariffs I will be looking at the original pay as you go tariffs offered by each company. Pay and go tariffs are probably the most popular amongst teenagers and this is why I will be studying these. To look at the non-price competition between the firms I will again marked each company out of five on these key areas of non-price competition: Range of products (tariffs and phones) and the amount of advertising offered by each firm. As well as marking each company on how much it advertises, I will look at the forms of advertising used by each firm. This will let me analyse how effectively each firm spends their advertising budget later on in the project. As I will be taking the prices of the tariffs off the Internet I will mark each firm's Internet site on how easy it is to use. Have a look Oli and don't hesitate to give me a call to ask what stuff means. If you could I would appreciate it if you could send me your analysis via email. CHEERS! ...read more.

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