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Looking at 'Gap'.

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Gap Gap was established in 1969. Gap is a PLC (Public Limited Company). Gap is part of Gap Inc, which contains of three companies that have joined to make the company Gap Inc and they are Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy. Gap Inc operates in 6 different countries around the world. Gap Inc has Gap stores in 6 countries, which are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Japan and Germany, but there are only Banana Republic and Old Navy stores in the United States and Canada. At the end of 2001 Gap Inc had a total of 4,171 stores of which 2932 stores are Gap stores, 441 stores are Banana Republic, and 798 stores are Old Navy. A PLC company has shares on the stock exchange so the public can buy their shares. Companies can go to the 'full quotation' on the Stock Exchange so their share prices appear on the dealers' visual display screens. Gap's shares on 26th January where valued at $14.69. This graph below shows how Gaps shares have performed in the past year. At the end of January and beginning of February, Gaps share price was about $14.70 an they had about sold about 7 million shares, but then at the beginning of March there price dropped down to about $11.70 and suddenly they sold about 35 million shares. This also happened in the middle of May when Gaps share price fell again and then they sold about 40 million shares and this was the highest amount of shares Gap sold in 2002. Their lowest time in the year was at the end of December when they had only sold about 3 million shares. Gap's highest share price in 2002 was in the middle of May when it was worth about $17.00. Their lowest share price was at the beginning of October when it was worth about $8.00. ...read more.


Once these documents have been accepted, the company will be granted a certificate of incorporation and can start to trade. The certificate of incorporation sets up the company, as a legal body in it own right. The company (not individual shareholders) enters into contracts and can sue or be sued in a court of law. Gap has a number of objectives that it tries to achieve every year. Gap had a disappointing year in 2001 and now there main objective for 2002 is to get back being there best. Gaps other objectives are to be committed to delivering the quality, value, style and fashion to their customers that they expect from Gap. Gap are trying to put the right teams in place, making sure that they have the right talent and leadership in merchandising, marketing and design as well as in there stores. Gap is always tying to consistently deliver products with iconic style and balanced assortments with a strong point of view. It means that Gap has to make sure that it keeps updating customers favourite casual clothes with the right fabrics. Simple, classic style for everybody is another objective Gap aim for. Gap does not just have these aims for the company but it also sets all these aims for the stores that operate around the world, and the stores can set there own aims and objective as well as the ones that Gap give them. Gap is trying to simplify the way they work at Gap brand. They have split the brand into domestic and international divisions. By making key areas of the business more manageable, these changes will sharpen Gaps focus and help them serve their customers better. Gap also has three aims they try to stay with all the time and these are: 1) Offer the right products in the right assortments 2) Be consistent in everything you do 3) ...read more.


visible to the conference users. Gap uses ICT internally several ways. Internally Gap uses E-Mail in several ways. One example is when a certain product is running low on there shop floor a E-Mail is sent to the shop storage area where they keep all the stock, and they then bring out some more items of the certain product but if they are running low in storage then they send an E-Mail to the warehouse who then can deliver the certain product to the store. The advantages of E-Mail is that it is free unlike making telephone calls or faxing and that it is fast so you don't have to wait till the next day till the person you send the E-Mail to get it like letters that go in the post. The disadvantages of E-Mail are that if it is important and people do not check it often then they will not get the E-Mail in time. Also the E-Mail might fail to send and you can only have up to a maximum size E-Mail that you can send. Gap shop floor staff use handheld radio's to communicate with each other. This is because it makes it easier to talk to each other, rather then going to have to find the member of staff and then talking to them. Also if there is something like a robbery, then the staff can warn each other through the radio's rather then just shouting to each other. The disadvantages of using handheld radio's is that they are big, and also they run of rechargeable batteries so they have to keep being recharged. Internally Gap also use databases, which they have all there information of the products stored on. For example when they scan the product when a customer is buying it, the till refers to the database to see what barcode matches the one that was scanned in and then the information such as the price is displayed onto the till. ...read more.

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