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Loyalty Card Proposal by Waitrose.

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John Lewis Partnership John Lewis partnership PLC Phone 020 7828 1000 171 Victoria street London, SW1E 5NN Loyalty Card Proposal Waitrose In an industry where the players are generally ranked by their size, Waitrose has established itself as a leader - not on the basis of mass but of quality. Other supermarket giants have gone for volume; Waitrose has targeted quality and choice. The products they offer are of high quality and this is reflected in the prices which tend to be higher than other supermarkets such as Tesco's. The variety on the shelves reflects the demanding tastes of the Waitrose shopper who the company promotes itself to, and includes a huge choice of wines, But there are keenly priced essentials, too, for the budget-watching household. The Loyalty Card concept The object of a loyalty program is to retain regular customers, to increase commitment from occasional customers and to acquire new ones. Serving you and your client is what the loyalty card program does best. ...read more.


When you do spend over �1 you get one point for every 10p spent. So, that's 10 points for every pound spent. This is a table of the points system WHSmiths have set in place: As you can see WHSmiths are able to gather a lot of market research from all the accumulation of sales, the customers get points which they can use as money in store so both parties win. Benefits of the Loyalty card program The customer enjoys the individual recognition, the personalised service, the fast and convenient transactions and the advantageous payment and service conditions which overall will make the customer more loyal to your company as he or she sees the company rewarding them for there business. The company benefits economically from a database containing detailed information on regular customers. The database can be used to provide personalised service, to target direct mailings and other advertising, and for more effective planning and stockkeeping. ...read more.


this information they can get new products know and special offers into people houses so that they come into the store, this increases sales which any shop wants. * By offering discounts in other stores associated with Waitrose the John Lewis Partnership will be able to get convenience goods shoppers into their stores to buy comparison goods therefore increasing the reputation and market share that John Lewis Partnership owns. Conclusion I conclude that if Waitrose are able to properly set up their loyalty card system so that it extends into other parts of the John Lewis Partnership, Waitrose will be able to open up their stores to offer people more offers increasing the amount of people who would want to shop there. By offering such a personalised service to customer Waitrose would be promoting their image and gaining customers through word of mouth. The amount of valuable market research that the company would be getting would be so vital to the companies future and its survival against rival supermarkets already offering loyalty card systems. 2 2 ...read more.

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