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M1 Compare marketing techniques used in marketing products in two organisations. Tesco and Asda

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Zain Zafar ? BMC121306681 ________________ M1 ? Compare marketing techniques used in marketing products in two organisations The two businesses that I will be comparing is going to be Asda and Tesco. Tesco?s is a multimillion retailer which was founded in 1919. Tesco operates in the tertiary sector because they do not make the products however they do provide a service which the public will pay for. Asda is also a retailer which was founded in 1965. Asda just like Tesco?s operate in the tertiary sector. They also operate in the secondary sector because they make bread on site and they also do some manufacturing. In addition to that, they provide a service by selling things which classes it as part of the tertiary sector. Both Asda and Tesco?s sell a variety of different products. They both sell groceries as that?s the main target. However they also sell other products such as books, gardening products, toys and jewellery. There?s such a range of different products from both retailers. One stand out product that Asda sell but Tesco don?t is that Asda also make wedding dresses to be sold. Both stores have an entertainment section which also attracts the customers who like to play games and listen to music. The entertainment section provides products such as games, DVD?s and music CD?s. Tesco?s want to expand their business around the world, at this current moment; they are located in 13 countries. ...read more.


One more difference for both businesses aims and objectives it that Asda want to have cleaner stores and wants the packaging of their products to be at high standards. Asda and Tesco both have similar marketing techniques, as they both penetrate the price. They both use above the line and below the line promotion for their products. For above the line promotion, they will use television adverts to promote their products. They also use billboards and advertise in newspapers. Promotion will also involve online advertising on websites. Asda and Tesco have their own websites where people can choose their own products and can purchase online. For below the line promotion, they will do special offers and give vouchers to their customers to make them purchase again. However a difference in marketing techniques for both businesses is that Tesco have a catalogue which can get sent to their target markets houses. This can give them the option of looking at what product they might want to buy from right in their hands. They can always keep the catalogue and look at it if they think they might need something new. Asda unfortunately do not have a catalogue which could get sent to the public?s homes. They have one catalogue online to be viewed which is different to Tesco?s. The customers may not like having catalogue?s delivered to their house and find it much easier to access a catalogue online. ...read more.


Survival strategies are a list of strategies which are needed to be able to survive in the market. Without these strategies, the business could go a bust. A strategy which Asda and Tesco both have is that in order to survive in the market, they will sell the products at a cheap price or maybe sell it as a pack for a little bit more money. Both businesses can downsize their business. Fewer stores will mean less stock needed, which then will need less money. They both also put a lot of promotional offers every few weeks to keep the business going. Tesco’s are giving an end of season sale which offers up to 50% of Selected laptops and accessories. The same goes for Asda on their products. They also do travel at cheap prices. However there is one difference in the survival strategies for Asda and Tesco. This is that if Asda ever need money help, their partners Wal-Mart will help them because Asda helped them grow. Asda also survive by keeping all their staff & recently they shared around £27 million in bonuses. Tesco’s haven’t ever given that much bonuses for their staff. Asda and Tesco have both diversified. Asda have because around many area’s they have begun to sell petrol at petrol pumps near their stores. This means a new product has been introduced and targeted towards a new market which being drivers. This is similar for Tesco’s as well because Tesco’s have introduced pet insurance which aims at a new market, being owners of pets. ...read more.

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