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Main function of an Organisation.

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Main function of an Organisation Busineess exist to sell a product or a serice, Although different business sell completely different products, from teddy bears to jigsaw puzzles to submarines or jumbo jets, they do all have certain elements in common. In fact, almost all organisations, whether they exist to sell a product or service or for some other reason, carry out four main functions: 1. SALES - involving the sale or distribution of the goods or services provided by the organisation. 2. PURCHASING - involving the purchasing of goods or services required by the organisation. 3. FINACNE - managing the flow of money on and out of the organisation. 4. OPERATIONS - carrying out the main business of the organisation. My Small organisation is Finnveden and my large organisation is McDonalds. Finnveden Powertrain Components is the international automotive industry's cooperation partner for development and manufacturing of advanced engine components for heavy and medium-heavy diesel engines. Finnveden Powertrain Components AB includes: * Finnveden Powertrain AB - production company with five plants in Sweden. * Finnveden Powertrain Components Ltd. - production company operating in Alford, Lincolnshire, UK * Finnveden Inc. ...read more.


Sales offices in Sweden, the UK and the US Finnveden Powertrain Components has sales offices in Sweden, the UK and the US. Operations in the European market are also supported by agents. Finnveden Powertrain Components has one sales company in the US: Finnveden Inc. The business area is undergoing strong growth and has quickly established itself as one of the industry's most important suppliers. Its aim is ongoing expansion and world leadership in selected product areas. Swedish and international base Finnveden Powertrain Components AB includes: Finnveden Powertrain AB - production company with five plants in Sweden. Finnveden Powertrain Components Ltd. - production company operating in Alford, Lincolnshire, UK Finnveden Inc. - American sales company. Core operations Core operations consist of precision machining. The main products are components for powertrain, fuel injection and braking systems. Workforce of 1,100 Finnveden Powertrain Components is a business area of Finnveden AB, which is listed on the OM Stockholm Exchange. The various plants of business area employ 1,100 persons, and the operations generate net sales of approximately SEK 1.1 billion McDonalds McDonald's is the largest food service company in the world. ...read more.


McDonald's serves products so that everyone can find something that suits their likes best. McDonald caters to kids with the famous Happy Meal, which serves kid size versions of its foods and includes a toy. Besides food, McDonald's also offers merchandise to their customers on their web site. Products such as gifts, motor sports merchandise, collectibles, and kids' stuff. Business Processes McDonald's business process consists of receiving the raw products, such as the meat and bread, from other companies. Then, McDonald's takes the raw materials and cooks the material to make the Big Macs and French fries. These products are then sold to the customers who come and eat at McDonald's. McDonald's sales depend on the advertising the corporation does through television and radio. Information McDonald's depends on certain information for its business process. McDonald's uses the cash registers to track the transactions done during the day. McDonald's executives then use the information about what menu product or what merchandise is selling the most or which product is no longer selling to make future decisions about where to invest and spend money. Total sales in McDonald's UK restaurants in 2000 were in excess of �1,513 million. Jennifer Masterton 11T Organisations ...read more.

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