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Managing and Developing People (Developing People)

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Managing and Developing People Task 4 Developing People Introduction In this assignment I will be interviewing a member asking for their past experience for undergoing a training programme. I will be researching closely upon aspects... * The need for the individual to be on the training programme? * Training method used? * What the cost was? * Any obstacles which made it difficult? These aspects would make the findings for knowing why the member took the training programme and if they gained any skills or knowledge when on the programme. Alongside with what troubles arose when carrying out the training. Interviewee Description The member which I will be interviewing is a 26 year old female called Miss Georgina McDonald who is smart and civilised. She is hard working and likes to socialise with peers and friends. She is able meet deadlines and able to work under pressure when a great load of work is put upon her. The work which Miss Georgina McDonald would train for would be to use the cash machine at Asda. Miss Georgina has had previous skill from her last job where she had to cash up all the finances of her fathers business on a daily basis. ...read more.


If a senior is to show them how to use a cash machine they would get to know what the functions are for. This method will be appropriate for Asda to do on the individual. * On the Job Training - Many businesses usually use the method of training the individual at the work place. This is so that they can work with the resources the have there and also start off with using equipment they have to offer. The trainee is ready to undergo any task at the workplace immediately. When working on the job it is also an advantage to get feedback straight away rather then carrying out a task then being told later on. When the mentoring is done it is possible for the member to get on the job training so that they can work on the equipment at the work place. It is more of a benefit to get training in the real life rather then going somewhere and spending time there. If the member is able to carry the task and get training at the same time this would be less time consuming and not costly at all. ...read more.


For training to be carried out it takes up a great deal of time for the leader as they have to make sure what they are teaching the member is relevant to the programme specified. It is also costly when setting up the resources for using on the training area and time is needed for when doing the training. Obstacles for Training Training can be seen in different ways, firstly, the management of the company might see it as a way of making the company more efficient, as well as teaching important skills to employees in order to improve performance. At the same time it can be seen as a way of rewarding hardworking employees with a different environment for a short period of time. On the other hand, employees might look back on their last training session, still trying to work out what exactly it was they learnt from the experience, but nevertheless having enjoyed the change of scenery but hating the pile of work that greeted them on their return. If training is implemented correctly it can bring back great rewards such as greater workplace efficiency, specialised skills and knowledge as well as employee satisfaction. Finally remember that depending on how training is done, it can be very productive and useful or a complete waste of time and money, it can bring teams together or split them apart. ...read more.

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