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Managing change unit 14

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As a group we have planned to change the study room from S2 to S4. This is an internal change as it will be taking place inside the Sixth Form. This change will benefit the students, teachers and also the reputation of the Sixth Form. S2 at the moment is the study room, however from the responses of the students (see questionnaire) and from our own view we feel that S2 does not provide us students with all the necessary facilities that would enable the students to study efficiently. Therefore we have thought of changing S2 to S4. S4 is much bigger in space and has many other additional benefits for example; it is much brighter, cooler and more appropriate for studying. S4 at the moment is an I.T and business classroom. We have interviewed one of the I.T teachers (Mr Romani) to see how he feels about shifting his classroom to S2. This change will have a long term implication for all the students and teachers therefore this is a strategic change. The human, technical, and systematic factors (short, medium and long term) will be discussed further on in the coursework. Our aim is to change the educational environment in the study room by changing S2 to S4, in order to help students concentrate better. > Inform the students about the change by June the 1st 2007 > Change the room S2 to S4 by June the 4th 2007 > Move the 16 computers in Cisco to S4 by June the 5th 2007 > Order ...read more.


By increasing the space, the number of students in the study room will also increase therefore Miss Vekaria will need another person to help her with the supervision. Another problem with the supervision is the level of noise. As the room is small the students tend to communicate with each other more. Students are always constantly shouting and the noise level is appalling. As there are fewer computers, there are times when a whole bunch of students are gathered around one computer, the excuse they always come up with is that there are not enough computers. This is an excuse for them but also a fact. Consequently if there is another teacher to supervise and the change to S4 does occur then this excuse will no longer be accepted and the noise level will also be low. From the questionnaire result it can be seen that students do feel that the level of noise in S2 is extremely loud. When the students are gathered around one computer there is also the problem with supervising them. As mentioned before because of the lack of space Miss Vekaria cannot walk around and monitor the students, if the students are gathered around one computer then they take more space, therefore this creates more problems for Miss Vekaria. The change to S4 will help to improve the supervision. Poor attendance Teachers have been complaining about the attendance of the pupils. Pupils are bunking more lessons to hang around in the study room. ...read more.


The change from S2 to S4 will be time manageable. Students and teachers Students can also affect this change. Some students don't want this change to take place; they do not like the idea of the booking system and timetable check as this will stop them from bunking lessons and hanging around in the study room. However students should realise that at the end of this project it will benefit them the most. This change from S2 to S4 will improve their attendance, motivation and also their knowledge on the courses they have chosen to do. When we were doing the questionnaire there were some students who we had to avoid giving the questionnaire to, those were the students that are against this change. This problem has overcome as the students we chose to give the questionnaire to were all for the change. Having the students co-operate with us has made it much easier to complete this project. The problem with the teachers is that some of the teachers use S4 as their teaching classroom; they prefer the room more as it is spacious and brighter. The dilemma that can arise with this is that the teachers might not shift to S2, if the teachers refuse then there is no other option. The change will not happen. Nevertheless for the students benefit I do assume that the teachers will oblige with us for this change to be possible. As a group we will be able to convince the teachers. ...read more.

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